What to do when you are not content with your life?

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What to do when you are not content with your life?

A smiling happy woman sign of being content in life
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What to do when you are not content with your life? –In this blog post we are going to take a complete look at what you can do to find happiness and contentment in life. 

Contentment can be thought of as a state of mental and emotional satisfaction, where one is at ease with their circumstances and possesses a sense of gratitude for the blessings in their life. It doesn’t mean stagnation or giving up on ambitions, but rather an acknowledgment that true happiness is not solely dependent on acquiring more wealth, possessions, or achievements.

Cultivating contentment requires a shift in perspective and a conscious effort to embrace mindfulness. It involves being present in each moment and learning to find joy in simple things. Gratitude practices, such as keeping a gratitude journal, can help us focus on the positive aspects of our lives, fostering a sense of contentment.

Contentment also involves letting go of comparisons and societal expectations. The constant comparison with others can rob us of the joy of our own achievements and blessings. By embracing our unique journey and acknowledging that everyone’s path is different, we can free ourselves from the burdens of envy and insecurity.

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To this end, this article shall answer the queries:

Are you contented with your life now, why?

Why do some people never feel content?

How Can I Be Content with My Life Now?

Difference and the similarities between happiness and contentment, and

Importance of contentment in life.

Before writing this blog post I took a while and spent some time doing a visualization exercise where I  pictured myself in the scene of a person who is not content with their lives. This practice better helped me to capture the feeling and unhappiness associated with lack of contentment.

 Living your life in a state of unhappiness can be drudgery and drab. And as it is, life is too short to live that way.

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Are You Contented With Your Life Now,Why ?

This question, “Are you Contented With your life now”, is worth spending some time answering. This is because of the importance of contentment to our well-being and mental health. We live in times where different issues ranging from the harshest economic reality, criminality, environmental degradation and threat of world war 111, are bedeviling humanity in different regions of the world. The least anyone can do to keep their sanity is to involve in practice that enhances well-being and mental health, one of which is to be content with your life. However, contentment in this case does not denote that you accept laziness and mediocrity in your life by neglecting to put into good use your creative powers to create a beautiful life around you. What contentment means is doing whatever is in your power to build a good life, while detaching and surrendering the outcome of your efforts to a higher power. Therefore, are you content with your life? Let me assume that the answer is no. Based on the research carried out in the Pacific philosophical quarterly “Happiness, Contentment and the Good Life”  65% of people today are not happy and content in their lives and work, while only 25% agree that they are. The remaining 10% are indifferent. This shows that the people who are not content are in the majority. The report also shows the relationship between happiness and contentment in both men and women. While contentment is necessary for well-being and happiness, to be happy does not necessarily lead to contentment.

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 The difference as well as the similarities between happiness and contentment will be given in this article in a later section. In the meantime let’s examine some of the possible reasons why people are not content in their lives.

Why Do Some People Never Feel Content?

Some of the reasons why people are not content with their lives will be enumerated in this section. And some of them are:

Comparing ourselves to others: We often compare our own lives to the lives of others, and this can lead to feelings of envy and dissatisfaction. For example, we might see someone else who has a nicer car, a bigger house, or a more successful career, and we start to feel like we’re not good enough. Constantly comparing yourself to others, especially on social media, can foster feelings of inadequacy and discontentment. This can result in a distorted view of your own life. Imagine if you always looked at what others have or what they’re doing, and then felt like you’re not as good as them. This makes them feel like they’re not as successful, talented, or popular. It’s like they’re in a race they can never win.

Negative Mindset: A pessimistic or negative mindset can perpetuate feelings of discontentment. Focusing on the negatives and ignoring positive aspects of life can contribute to unhappiness.

And it would surprise you to know the numbers of people who tend to focus on the negative aspects of lives more than the positive ones. A condition known as  negativity bias. For example, if we have a bad day at work, we’re more likely to dwell on it than if we have a good day. And some people tend to behave as if having a bad day equates to having bad luck for the rest of their lives. 

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Unfulfilled Expectations: When your reality doesn’t match your expectations, it can lead to feelings of discontentment. Unrealistic goals, societal pressures, or comparing oneself to others can contribute to this. There’s nothing wrong with having expectations, but getting attached to the outcome of the expectations can lead to disaster.

Lack of Purpose: Not having a sense of purpose or meaningful goals can lead to a lack of contentment. People often find contentment when they are engaged in activities that align with their values and bring a sense of fulfillment. Living a purposeful life can increase your level of contentment.

Stress and Overwhelm: High levels of stress, constant pressure, and overwhelming responsibilities can make it difficult to find contentment. Chronic stress can lead to negative emotions and impact overall well-being. This can affect your well-being and self-esteem which can send your contentment level spiraling down.

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Unhealthy Relationships: Toxic or unsupportive relationships can be a major source of discontentment. Negative interactions with family, friends, or colleagues can affect emotional well-being.

Financial Concerns: Financial instability, debt, or struggling to make ends meet can cause stress and lead to a lack of contentment. Money-related worries can have a significant impact on overall life satisfaction.

Health Issues: Physical health problems or chronic illnesses can affect one’s ability to enjoy life fully and feel content. Pain, discomfort, or limitations can contribute to feelings of discontentment.

Lack of Work-Life Balance: When work takes up too much time and energy, leaving no time for extracurricular activities, it can lead to dissatisfaction in personal and social aspects of life. Finding a balance between work and personal interests is crucial for contentment.

Unfulfilling Lifestyle: Engaging in activities that don’t align with one’s interests or values can lead to a lack of contentment. Pursuing hobbies and interests that bring joy and fulfillment can help combat this.

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Always Wanting More Stuff: Imagine if you always wanted the latest toys, gadgets, or clothes. Some people feel like they need more and more things to be happy. It’s like a never-ending shopping spree. This can happen when people think that having new stuff will make them feel better. But the excitement fades quickly, and they’re back to wanting more.

Never Satisfied with Their Looks: Think about always wanting to look better, like having the perfect body or face. Some people are never happy with how they look, and they keep trying to change it. This can make them feel bad about themselves because they’re always comparing their appearance to others or to an idea of “perfect.”

Having a Level of Restiveness: Think about someone who can’t stay in one place or stick to one thing for too long. They might keep changing jobs, relationships, or even where they live. This can happen when people are afraid of getting bored or missing out on something better. They never stay still because they worry they’ll miss out on excitement.

Ignoring the Good Stuff: Sometimes, people don’t notice all the good things around them because they’re so focused on what’s missing or what’s not going well. It’s like they have a hard time appreciating the good moments because they’re too busy thinking about the bad stuff. This can make them feel like they’re never happy, even if good things are happening.

Inability to Let Go: Imagine holding onto bad feelings or past mistakes for a really long time. Some people find it hard to forgive themselves or others. This can make them carry around a heavy load of negativity, and they can’t move forward. They keep feeling unhappy because they can’t let go of what’s making them sad or angry.

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How Can I Be Content with My Life Right Now?

Practicing gratitude: Taking the time to appreciate the good things in our lives can help us to focus on the positive.

Setting realistic goals: When we set goals that are too difficult to achieve, we’re more likely to feel disappointed and dissatisfied. Instead, we should set goals that are challenging but achievable.

Taking care of ourselves: Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly can all help to improve our overall well-being and increase our contentment.

Group of happy women who are contented in their lives
Image Credit: Omar Lopez

Connecting with others: Having strong social relationships is important for our happiness and well-being. Make time for the people who matter most to you

Practicing Mindfulness: Being present in the moment and accepting our experiences without judgment can help us to feel more content with our lives. Remember, feeling content is about finding a balance between wanting to improve and appreciating what you have. It’s okay to have goals and dreams, but it’s also important to enjoy the present moment and value yourself for who you are.

Savoring: Taking the time to enjoy and appreciate the good moments in our lives can help us to feel more content.

Acceptance: Accepting the things that we cannot change can help us to let go of negative emotions and feel more content.

Resilience: The ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges can help us to maintain our contentment in the face of adversity.

Similarities Between Happiness and Contentment

There are a lot of similarities between happiness and contentment. The table below gives these similarities as it relates to the topic under discussion – what to do when you ‘re not content with your life?


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Similarities  Happiness  Contentment 
Positive Emotion Happiness is a positive emotion that is characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, and well-being. Contentment is also a positive emotion, but it is more characterized by feelings of peace, satisfaction, and acceptance.
Long term  Happiness is a short-term emotion that can come and go. Contentment is a long-term emotion that can last for a long time.
Within  Happiness is often triggered by external events, such as getting a promotion or winning a prize. Contentment is more often triggered by internal factors, such as having strong relationships or a sense of purpose in life.
Self-determine Happiness is often seen as a goal to be achieved. Contentment is more often seen as a way of life.
Fulfilling Both happiness and contentment can lead to a fulfilling life. However, contentment may be more likely to lead to a long-lasting and sustainable sense of fulfillment.


Difference Between Happiness and Contentment

It is important to note that happiness and contentment are not mutually exclusive. You can be happy and content at the same time. However, they are different emotions with different qualities. Happiness is more fleeting and focused on the positive, while contentment is more long-lasting and focused on acceptance.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a balance between happiness and contentment. This means enjoying the good times and accepting the bad times, while also finding a sense of purpose and meaning in life. When you can do this, you will be on your way to a happy and fulfilling life.


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Duration  Happiness is a short-term emotion that can come and go. Contentment is a long-term emotion that can last for a long time.
Trigger  Happiness is often triggered by external events, such as getting a promotion or winning a prize. Contentment is more often triggered by internal factors, such as having strong relationships or a sense of purpose in life.
Focus  Happiness is often focused on the positive aspects of life. Contentment is more focused on accepting the good and the bad in life.
Resilience  Happiness can be easily disrupted by negative events. Contentment is more resilient to negative events.
Goal  Happiness is often seen as a goal to be achieved. Contentment is more often seen as a way of life.
Fulfillment  Happiness can lead to a fulfilling life, but it may not be sustainable. Contentment may be more likely to lead to a long-lasting and sustainable sense of fulfillment.


I hope you find the tables helpful, as they help to simplify the concept of happiness and contentment. From the tables you can see that it is better to strive and aim for contentment if you want to maintain your well-being and mental health.

 Importance of Contentment In Life

What do you think is the importance of contentment in life? Some importance of contentment are highlighted below:

Good Health: Contentment can lead to having good health. A person who is content in life has less burden, because they approach life in strides and mindfulness. This tends to reduce the effects of stress which comes from groaning under the weight of coping with the grind of daily living. Contentment increases relaxation which in turn boost your immune system to help resist and fight against diseases.

Improve and Better Relationship: A contented and happy person gives peace and happiness to others. They are pleasurable to spend time with. When you have a pleasing personality and your aura radiates a positive energy, people pick on this signal and are attracted to you. Having a good relationship can bring with it many benefits that can enhance your wellness and well-being.

Career Advancement: A calm mind exudes power, and creativity and is infused with ideas to meet any challenging situation. A person who is content gives his best at whatever he does. This can translate to effectiveness and efficiency at work. The rewards of which can come in form of promotion or sponsorship to attend more courses for career advancement.

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Increased Happiness and Abundance: People who are content in life have a grateful heart. They are grateful for the many gifts in their lives. And as we all know, gratitude unlocks the window of abundance. Contentment is a subset of a grateful heart. The benefits of gratitude are plentiful and can bring all the benefits listed above to the individual who cultivates this virtue in their lives.


I hope this blog answers the question: what to do when you’re not content with your life? Within the lines of this article can be found tips anyone can use to change the course of their lives by learning the nitty-gritty that brings contentment and happiness to our lives. The key is to practice, practice and practice again until the ideas become your second nature.

I would like to read your thoughts and views about the topic: what to do when you’re not content with your life? Leave them in the comments.

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