What Is The Fastest Way To Change Your Life?

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What is the fastest way to change your life?

In this blog post I want to look at what is the fastest way to change your life?

The fastest way to change your life are, developing the can-do attitude, being grateful to God, facing your fears, having self-discipline, be yourself, always acting fast when you have an idea, facing your fears, and seek God first.

To get to the pinnacle of life you have to reinvent yourself many times over, this is because life as a training school will present different situations and challenges at various stages of your life.

You would find that at certain times you may outgrow many specific areas of your life and if nothing is done to move you into new areas of opportunities and activity your life becomes stale and drab.

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The inability of many people to embrace change has left them stagnant in one position for years.

Remember the very nature of life is change, growth and improvement. Anything that refuses this natural sequence is soon withered and cut off from life.

Later on in this article I will answer the question, what is the fastest way to change your life? But first let’s look at how to know when it’s time for a change in life.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Make A Change In Your Life? 

There are certain indicators that will show you that it’s time for a change in life. Some of them are listed below:

Loss of Interest for living: When you start losing interest in life and find out that most of the things that used to catch your fancy no longer do, know that it’s time to change something in your life.

For example, if you used to hit the gym and always wanted to look fit and healthy and you suddenly lost interest in maintaining a healthy shape and were indifferent to your health.

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This could be a sign of dissatisfaction in one area of your life. It may portend danger if not diagnosed and necessary changes made.

Feeling of tiredness constantly: When you find yourself constantly feeling tired unnecessary even after properly rested and not having done any strenuous activity. It could be a sign that you have outgrown a particular condition in your life and change is imminent.

Being Depressed: Depression is a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest, which stops you from doing your normal activities.

It can lead to many negative vices, such as withdrawal syndrome, contemplating suicide, alcohol addition, abusive behavior and so on. We have different types of depression, ranging from clinical, bipolar, and postpartum depression. However, what I am referring to here is clinical depression.

When you notice that you are getting to the depression zone, know that it’s time for change in life. Do whatever you can and be bold enough to make a change.

This change may be moving to a new location, starting a new job or business, learning a new skill, or even changing a partner.

Living In fear: If you find yourself always living in fear, watch it, it could be because of something you are not comfortable with and you want to avoid by all means.

When I found myself in this situation, while at University, always dreading to attend classes, I discovered I hated the course I majored in. Of course, I found a way to overcome the fear.

Living in fear can be one of the worst things anyone can experience. This is because it cuts off the joy of living and increases the likelihood of ill health and death. When you find yourself living in fear, know that it is time for a change.

Change Yourself Mentally

Let’s pretend you are some alien just dropping into planet Mercury and the only baggage you have is how to survive in this new planet.

What are you going to do, to not only survive but conquer the planet?

This is exactly where you are, what are you going to do to make the needed change that will make your new abode habitable?

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What skills, attitudes, and mental qualities do you have, and have access to, to aid you in making a complete turn around and bring the needed changes.

Life is constantly giving you opportunities to achieve your fondest dreams, start that business, travel to your favorite destination or even getting that beautiful damsel as a wife.

The possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. But the change you need must first be conceive in your mind before any meaningful change can take place on the outside.

That’s why countless teachers have always admonishes us to guide and guard our minds from negative influences. They know that a mind that is filled with debris cannot make any lasting change.


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What is the fastest way to change your life?

Find the list of some of the fastest way to change your life below:


I hope you know that the attitude you permit in your consciousness can either make or break you.

This is because attitude is everything.

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It is who you are as a person, and this include your thinking pattern, character, self esteem and habits.

The attitude you hold if they are positive can help you reach success and if they are negative would cause you to fail at everything you try and embark on.

Having the can-do attitude is one of the fastest way to change any circumstance.

This kind of attitude ensures you put in your best effort at any task you undertake.

The can-do attitude or spirit is what you need to move mountains because you can see the highest mountain as a molehill.

This attitude increases persistency and perseverance and will make you a winner by helping you put the life challenges you face in the journey of life in the right perspective.

When you have the right perspective towards any obstacle or goals, overcoming them or achieving them is only a hair breath away.

You can train yourself to develop this attitude by several methods such as repeating powerful affirmations, reading personal development books, the holy scriptures such as the Bible  practicing positive thinking on a moment to moment basis and having a mentor who can help you develop the can-do spirit through coaching.


Without discipline nothing meaningful can be achieve.

This could even be the reason why many people are stagnant and cannot initiate change in their lives.

Self-discipline can help you in every area of your life.

You need it when you have to wake up at 2 am in a cold winter or harmattan night to study.

It is needed when you need to follow an exercise routine to loose weight.

You need self-discipline to skip alcohol in other to restore your health and it is required when you need to forgo that state of the art car and put the money into a worthwhile investment.

Words fails me to elaborate the benefits of self-discipline.

It can-not be overemphasized because it is the foundation of almost every point I will mention here in this note.

Without discipline we can as well close shop and wish the good life we seek bygone already.

How do you acquire the quality of self-discipline?

It is an inner commitment you have to make with yourself because a man cannot lie to himself.

If you don’t have it, you don’t have it no amount of pretense or faking it can make you development it.

You have to sit down and force yourself to acquire this important quality.


There are things in your life I am very sure you do not need again going forward.

You may need to let go of them through decluttering.

Sometimes you hold on to them out of fear and the scarcity mindset without knowing that you are entitled to better and beautiful things.

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You have to let go of old habits and thought processes that no longer serve you and replace them with new ways of behaving and thinking.

You may also need to throw away old clothes you have not worn for years, as well as old pieces of furniture and electronic devices you don’t have need for again.

The universe has abundance but you may need to think and behave in a certain way to attract it.

And since the mind is not a vacuum it cannot be empty it must be occupied with either the right thought or wrong one.

If you let go off old thought patterns, then you must deliberately replace and hold a better one.

When you declutter your space then you make room for a better and improve things to come in.

That’s the nature of life. 

As we enter the new phase, take a pen and paper and make a list of both tangible and intangible things you may need to discard.

Make another list of things you want to come into your life.

This is making a real commitment with yourself; it is about survival and bringing changes into your life that goes beyond a mere wishful thinking.

This means reprograming your mind by replacing the old files with better and modern files and keep updating them so that bugs and viruses do not corrupt them.

Do this and see how fast your life will change.


You can not afford to live like someone else or live a fake life if you want to be successful in life.

You have to be yourself.

This is because when you are created by God, He gave you a unique gift and purpose to fulfill when you came into this life.

Discovering this gift will help you live a fulfilled life and add spice to your life.

Therefore, pretending to be someone else is a waste of your time here on earth.

Fortunately, a man that knows his potential and calling cannot subject himself to a life of miserliness, mediocrity and fakery.


Life is not a bed of roses as you already know.

It comprises of many twists and turns, ups and downs, stumbling block and obstacles.

Life is for the strong and bold. The adventuresome and risk takers.

Perhaps, the reason while you are stuck in the grind is because you are weak and timid especially when challenges struck.

You simply abandon ship and took the easiest way out.

And like the cliché goes’’a winner never quit and quitter never wins’’.

One of the fastest way to change your life is to stand up against stubborn challenges and never give up.

Perseverance, persistence and consistency are the qualities of a winner and the successful.

Think Abraham Lincoln and the number of failures he had to contend with before he ascended the Presidency of the United State.

Think of Henry Ford when he was building the V8 engine, all his best engineers said it couldn’t be done.

Ford kept urging them to keep on until the V8 engine was eventually built.

Thomas Edison and the number of failures he recorded before he was able to produce the lightbulbs.

Okay, you may be saying enough with these oldies, tell me something new. I will.

Have you read about the story of Airbnb?

When they started no one gave them a chance, because they thought the idea was a stupid one.

Investors would meet them for a pitch and walk out of them after hearing the idea.

Cities and many countries in the world would not permit them to operate because it was illegal to rent residential spaces for hospitality business purposes.

Despite the odds against them the three co-founders stuck with their dreams and never give up.

They persevere through thick and thin, today Airbnb has disrupted the hospitality business and is a toast of many investors.

I like their story a lot because it shows the power of tenacity in business and in life.

Most situations we meet in life came to test us and our resolve and commitments to see if we can manage success and make a positive change in our lives.


 When you have an idea always act fast in its execution.

Don’t delay or procrastinate.

Like Joe Vitale would say, the Universe likes speed don’t delay, don’t second guess, act.

The reason why you need to act quickly on any idea is because when you do, the people that will help you bring the idea to life may all be lined up waiting for you at the exact moment.

That’s why it seems that people that acts on their idea when they receive it seem to get the necessary help they need when they start executing.

Another reason why you need to act fast when you receive an idea is because as you receive the impulse others may also receive this idea as well.

The first to act is the one who is credited with the idea, and would be the first to hit the market with the product.

The next time you have an idea begin where you are to implement the idea even if you do not know the first step to take.

Just make any move and act on it. The universe will send the right people and the resources you need to help you bring it to light.


What are you afraid of that is holding you back?

You will need to face the fear if you want to move to the next level.

When you refuse to face a particular fear, it grows bigger until it eventually becomes a nightmare.

Brave and courageous people attack their fears head on, and each fear you face brings you closer to achieving your goal.

Fear is only an illusion. It gives false impression of challenges and obstacles and amplified your doubt in your abilities.

Some years ago, on a cold harmattan morning I woke up early at around 5 am, to catch a cab to take me to the bus terminal where I would board a bus to Lagos Nigeria.

As I stepped into the street from my house the harmattan mist was so strong that visibility becomes a problem.

I couldn’t see anything up to even 10 meters ahead of me. Immediately fear sets in, what if something is lurking in wait for me in the foggy mist to attack?

What if phone thieves are lying in wait to rob me?

I wanted to turn back out of fear, however if I do, I risk losing the bus which departs Port Harcourt to Lagos at 6 am.

I had to mop up courage and bravery and decided to keep going until I find a cab that will take me to the bus terminal.

As I was walking through the fogginess it done on me that every where was just as clear as where I was coming from.

The misty cloud gave a false impression of darkness on the road ahead of me.

I walked through a clear road revealing that nothing was lying in wait.

Fear, which is an acronym of false evidence appearing real always try to trick you to abandon the pursuit of your goals.

Therefore, if you brace up against your fear, you would find success at the other side of the fear.

Another aspect of fear is the feeling of tension and anxiety which result from fear of the unknown.

Tension more than anything else can block your creative flow and prevent you from coming up with ideas that can help you make your life work.

Tension and anxiety can also block the help of God and the universe from reaching you.

Anxiety causes you to be restless and restive. When this happens, no meaningful progress can be made.


 Counting your blessings and gift is a very important principle you need to unlock more of the blessings of the universe in your life.A grateful woman a sign of visible changes in her life Sometimes, the reason why you fail is because you are ungrateful for the things in your life.

Abundance lies in a grateful heart and gratitude opens the window of abundance to come rushing into your life.

As you make a change in life, be thankful for the gift of life, consciousness, good health, a roof over your head, and the gift of friendship.

Be rest assure that the more you recognize these gifts and be thankful, the more you will receive from life.


All scriptures admonish us to seek first the kingdom of God.

Why do you think this is so important?

Me thinks, God is the foundation and solid rock upon which everything is built on.

That’s why your foundation should be rooted on the supreme deity.

When you are awakened and become aware of who you are as soul, a creative spark of God, you rise above the mundane that trap many and leave them in a state of quagmire.

The advantages that comes with increase spiritual awareness and salvation are enormous.

You gain wisdom and common sense which increases your survivability factor in the physical world.

You can make progress and endure tough times where others fail.

Another quality of a Godly man is happiness.

That’s why the Spiritual leader of Eckankar, the path of spiritual freedom, Sri Harold Klemp says, the search for happiness is the search for God, but many searches for happiness in the market instead of in their heart.

People search for money because they think it will make them happy, when all they need is God.

To increase your odd of achieving success, you must make God your partner and focal point.

This way you are guaranteed a lasting success and happiness that is rooted on a solid foundation. 

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