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wait for the moment

wait for the moment


If you have the tendency to always wait for the moment to be right to take action on your goals or dreams, you may want to change this habit, because failure awaits.

One of the causes of failure in life is to always wait for all the light to turn green before starting a project. Unfortunately, life is not wired that way. 

Life consists of taking small steps in the present and not waiting for some future date. 

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As you take action on your goals in the present, you find the means and ideas to tackle every stage as new steps appear. 

Self- mastery calls for the utilization of your creative powers and imagination to arrive at the next level each time you are stuck in the middle of a project. 

How do you acquire self-mastery and proficiency in solving problems? It’s through experience. 

How do you get experience? Through taking action and by doing, as you take action and do the task needed to build a fulfilled life. 

Sometimes you fail and at other times you record little successes. The sum total of both the failures and successes help you gain experiences. 

And the more experience you have under your bet the more you are able to act and take the right action. 

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The starting point is to learn to act right now because if you wait for the moment to be right before doing anything, you will wait forever. 


When you truly want a thing, you must find a way to get it. Including overcoming the body inertia, procrastination and fear of the unknown. 

People who are really hungry for success have a driving force that propels them to take action and do something even if they lack the complete information and don’t know the next steps to take. 

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They just take the first step, beat inertia and before you know they emerge at the other side a winner.

People who are hungry for success do not have the luxury to wait for the moment to be right or for the light to turn green before they embark on a quest, pursue a dream and enroll for that life changing course.

Once they are convinced of the risk reward ratio, and benefits of the quest to their overall wellbeing, they go all out for it without a moment’s hesitation. 

Opportunity, they say, dances with those already on the dance floor. That’s why taking action is the best way to find good luck.

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When opportunity comes it meets you halfway when you are already sweating and grinding hard at work.

  Success is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work, so if you put in the work you will be lucky and at the same time also successful.


The motto of the Boy’s scouts is ‘’be prepared’’. 

This means you have to be physically strong, mentally active and morally upright. 

People who are always prepared do not wait for the moment to be right before taking action. They take action regardless of how they feel at the moment. 

Preparedness guarantees action and it is an antidote for procrastination. Abraham Lincoln said I will study and prepare myself because I know one day my chance will come.

Like the boy’s scout who is always prepared and Abe Lincoln who took his fate in his hands by consciously preparing for when opportunities would knock, why not take your fate in your own hand and work hard to get ready. 

This will ensure you don’t delay or second guess when the time comes to take action.

People who wait for the moment to be right are often left behind in sports, academia, business and relationships.

I am now going to delve right into the 4 reasons why you must act now and not wait for the time to be right.


Act and take risk to seize opportunities

A surfer who goes to the sea to surf the waves doesn’t have the prerogative to dictate to the sea when he wants the wave to peak. He must time the wave and align with it to have the best surfing experience.

This is one of the reasons why you should act when you have an idea or see an opportunity in the horizon.

 Life won’t wait for you as time is always ticking and forever moving forward. 

The tide also would not wait for you to prepare, you are the one that would take advantage of the time and tide and create magic in your life.

 If you are in the habit of procrastination, always remember that time and tide wait for no man including you. 

Be like the boy’s scout who is always prepared, physically, mentally and emotionally to take charge of their opportunities.


Inaction and vacillation are a sign of low self-esteem and morale. 

Inaction results from fear and lack of confidence. The solution is to tackle your fears by making necessary preparations ahead of time. 

Prepare to give an elevator pitch long before you have the opportunity to pitch to an angel investor, prepare for the job interview before you have one to attend, learn how to give a sales talk before you become a salesman.

When you take action your self -confidence soars. 

Self-confidence is one of the characteristics of a successful person. 

You need it in business, sport, public speaking and having a successful relationship.

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I remembered when I was selling reagents to Universities. The first time I tried selling, my confidence was low. 

One day I walked for hours on the corridor of an administrative block housing the office of the Head of Department of Chemistry without having the courage to knock at the door.

 I went home distraught and hating myself for being lily livered.

 However, I mustered up the courage to come back another day. Without hesitation I walked straight to the HOD’s office, knocked at the door and announced to the secretary that I had a business meeting with the Professor. Without much ado, the Secretary simply stood up, went to her boss and intimate him of my presence. 

I ended up spending 2 hours talking with him. By the time I left we were friends and I was in business. 

This experience taught me something about taking action. My confidence level soared as I walked into the HOD’s office and I discovered something about FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real is true. 

Now when I want to make a frightened move, I ask myself what is the false evidence this fear is trying to magnify to stop me? 

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And I go ahead and make the move. Most times I get a NO for an answer, as you all know, no means try harder next time.


When you wait for the moment to be right before making a move you are living dangerously because you will never get around accomplishing anything worthwhile in life. 

Thus, this is what I refer to as living life on the edge. This is living on the precipice. It’s like embarking on an ill-fated journey to nowhere. It’s living a life of risk and the unknown.

When you live life this way you either get accustomed to this way of life and enjoy the consequences by accepting that you can never do well in life or you live in a self-imposed misery knowing that you have disappointed yourself and you are willing to make a change and turn a new leaf. 

Neither of these ways are productive and leads to successful living.

If you learn to face your fears and take action at the right time, you can develop the capacity to meet life on its own terms. You will master your fate and not live life on the edge.


You never get to the point in life where you say now I am done I have achieved my goals. 

To be relevant and happy you have to continuously seek new frontiers to conquer. 

If you rest on your laurels, you will wither and die. 

That’s why you have to take action and seek new goals to pursue. 

Being contented with your achievements puts you in a state of inaction which can cause you to always be lackadaisical to life. 

This is how people fall from grace to grass. 

They become too comfortable in their comfort zone and past achievements up until then. And see no need to go out to pursue other dreams beckoning on the horizon.

Do not let this be you. 

Set new financial, spiritual, educational and recreational goals for your life each time. 

This way you will stay relevant and alive.


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