Unleash your Inner Strength: Turn Fear into Power with these Game Changing Tips.

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Life is a gift

turn fear into power and your greatest assets

Unleash your Inner Strength: Turn Fear into Power with these Game Changing Tips.

How can you turn fear into power? We all have some fears in our lives and probably live with them.

 These are not completely bad if they help keep you on your toes and serve as an indicator to where you should focus your energy in order to rise above them. 

Your fears do not have to paralyze you, but spur you on to achieve your fondest desires.

If you want to turn fear into power, you must be able to identify the particular fear present in your life. 

What fears do you have in your life? you can turn them into power and your greatest motivation. 

Some common fears people have in their lives are the fear of poverty, death, loneliness, starvation, ill health, old age, and wars. 

Of course, they are other types of fears such as the fear of height, snakes, large body of water, flying, darkness, and others. 

However, this article will focus on the former rather than the later. 

In my opinion the first kind of fears are what affect you directly and determine your state of happiness and wellbeing. 

The second kinds of fears can be subverted easily, for example, if I have fear for height I can simply avoid it, I can avoid or do things that would bring reptiles coming close to my surroundings, similarly, I can avoid going to the oceans where there are large body of water.

                                             HOW TURN FEAR INTO POWER

Woman exercising to turn her fear to power


 Knowledge can shine light on a particular fear, that’s why they say knowledge is power.

 Acquiring the right knowledge can help you rise above the hold the fear has on you. 

For example, if you have the fear of poverty, acquiring knowledge of how to overcome poverty and gain wealth can build your confidence and set you on the path to wealth. 

Maybe you will need to learn a skill, take courses on udemy or code academy or even have a degree. 

Applying the skill gained in useful venture can start you on the process of wealth acquisition. 

Living within your means and investing can cure the fear of poverty.

 There are a lot of routes to wealth, knowing the right knowledge to acquire will go a long way.


Where are you going in life? If you don’t have a plan for your life, you can not find a destination to travel to. 

Sadly, if you don’t have a destination to travel to you can’t go anywhere. 

This increases the feeling of worthlessness in you. And when you are worthless, low self-esteem and fear set in. 

Have a plan for your life, even if you have to take little small steps at first to accomplish them. 

The feeling of crossing things off your checklist is enough to rekindle hope and the feeling that you are forging a profitable path for yourself. And where there’s hope, fear takes the back seat. 


 When you give off of yourself in service to life, your attention is taken off your worries and concerns. 

Your attention is now centered on the object of your service. 

A recommended way to turn fear into power is to give to life. 

What do you give to life?

 You can give your money or time. You can donate your money to charity that helps to further a good course in society, or you can volunteer your time to serve in any part of the world where your service may be required. 

When you become a volunteer, you meet people whose situations may be worse than yours.

 Helping them gain a new lease of life also means you are helping yourself move away from the fears that hold you back. 

Service is giving love to the next person; the love you give can help them overcome the burden of life challenges that plague them. That’s why they say love answers all things.


Learning can dispel your fears

 It might be you have failed many times before, that does not define you now. 

That’s in the past. Know that everyday is an opportunity to taste the nectar and drink from the cup of divine wisdom anew. 

If you let the deeds and failures of the past dwell in your consciousness, then you can’t keep your head up and dream again. 

If you are serious about making a change and finding the joy of living and benefiting from the abundance of life, you have to dare to dream again.

 Look for a new skill you can acquire, know where you want to go by charting a new direction for your life.

 Give back to life not because you want anything from it, but because it’s the way to go. 

Dream big regardless of whether you can achieve them or not. 

Start from where you are, raise your head up and walk toward the north star.


Life is a gift

It is amazing how many people take life for granted without realizing that this life is gift from God. 

When you are presented with a gift from the one you love, what do you do with it?  You hold it with care and cherish it with love. 

When you recognize the gift of life your heart opens and you become grateful. And when you are grateful for a thing your heart opens for more gift to come into your life. 

A grateful heart abhors fear because a heart of gratitude is a heart full of love. 

Therefore, one way to turn fear into power and bring visible changes to your life is to fill your heart with love and gratitude to God for the gift of life.

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