Turning Point Of My Life Short Story

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Turning point of my life short story

turning point

This blog post “turning point of my life short story” may look like your regular post or article on the internet.

But it isn’t.

Turning point is a time of major change in life which affects a person and change the course of their life.

Everyday, life or the universe is presenting to you opportunities to grow in form of turning point.

Some of this turning Point come as adversities and challenges.

Others may come through pleasurable events and circumstances that if you’re not watchful may miss it, with the resultant effects coming back to haunt you somewhere down the road.

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The major turning point in life is simply the only way out through life stagnation and the universe directional sign pointing you toward a new direction in your life.

This could be a better direction to take in your career, marriage, business, religion and in life generally.

And these opportunities are  presented to you on a moment-to-moment basis.

In this article I am going to look at:

  • Turning Point of my life short story
  • How fear and attachment can hinder you from recognizing turning point.
  • The cycles of life and
  • Trusting in God to help you accept change.

Turning Point of My Life Short Story

I invite you to join in, in this turning point of my life short story

I was working as a security supervisor in a job I didn’t like.

Going to work everyday was an uphill task I had to keep up with for almost 3 years.

Often, I experienced this choking feeling as though I am in a vacuum gasping for air.

Apart from the job being demeaning and not paying a living wage, it was very tasking and time consuming.

While at this job, I was always sick with my blood pressure always at the roof top sometimes reaching 180/140 Hg.

All along I didn’t know it was the universe telling me that  change is inevitable.

I kept resisting the change because of fear of the unknown.

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Fear such as how to pay the rent, feed and cloth myself, as well as paying for health care when sick.

In the meantime, since the job hardly hard a vacation I couldn’t travel or make any journey home to see my father who was battling with prostate cancer and kept going in and out from the hospital.

One day, I finally had my fill I could not take it any longer, this was before the Covid -19 pandemic struck the world.

Instinctively I just knew this was it, I couldn’t go on any longer. If I must have my mental health intact I must do something to get myself a breath of fresh air.

So I wrote my resignation letter and instantly as I hit send, I became lighter as if a heavy weight have been lifted away from my shoulders.

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Even though I wasn’t compensated by the company, I was extremely joyous.

During this time Covid-19 had hit many part of the world and many countries were on lockdown including my country Nigeria.

At one time the lockdown was eased up and people could travel.

I saw a window to travel home to see my sick father who I  had not seen for over 4 years.

Though he was looking pale and always needing blood transfusion, he was happy to see me.

The 5 months I spent with him before he passed on were the best moments I had and I wouldn’t want to trade anything not even money with.

I was grateful to God for allowing me to step into that phase in my life.

If I had not listen to my body and the universe, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to spend time with my father as he prepares to exit this world.

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And maybe my health would have broken down from the difficulty of going to and from work during the lockdown.

directional sign representing turning point.

Fear and Attachment Can Hinder you From Recognizing Turning point

Why did I have to torture myself in a job that  had no benefits to me?

I dare say, it was because of fear. I let the fear of the unknown stop me in my stride from enjoying life.

I should have let go earlier and follow the direction the universe was pointing me toward.

Like me, many people are at the moment of turning point in their lives that would bring real change to them.

Albeit, they are afraid to step out and embrace that change because of fear of the unknown.

Although, they are not happy in their marriage, jobs and in their lives but fear will not let them make the change.

The universe is using this inadequate feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction to tell them, hey buddy there’s a better way, let go of the old and embrace the new.

Sometimes the new is just an inch away waiting for you to just step into it and own it.

At other times you have to exercise your god-given creativity and imagination to find it.

After I resigned from my job, what’s the next step to take? is a question that kept begging me for an answer.

However, I knew deep down in me I didn’t want to work in paid employment anymore.

I need to start a business and work at it until it becomes profitable.

This means I would have to go for a long time without the basic necessities of life while also paying rent and feeding myself.

I didn’t allow the fear of rent and food to take root in my mind. I was ready to do whatever it takes to survive.

Subsequently, I started a website in the job and career niche, at the time i didn’t know it was a difficult niche to be in.

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I paid for one of these cheap keyword tools to do keyword research and do some search engine optimization (SEO) on the website.

So I went ahead load the site with some contents, unbeknownst to me the metrics I got for my research using the cheap keyword research tool where I was supposed to write content based on low keyword difficulty was not accurate.

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After waiting for 6 months for Google to rank this site I was disappointed when I found out that my contents were not in the top 100 in search engine result pages (SERP).

This prompt me to sign up for Ahrefs the leading keyword research tool in the market to carry out a kind of forensic analysis on my new site.

What I found out shocked me to my bone marrow.

All the keywords I targeted were difficult to rank for according to Ahrefs as they had keywords difficulties of between 60 and above.

It would take me 3 years to build backlinks and authority before I can hope to rank for any of those keywords.

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Remember I don’t have the time, if I must monetize my website so I can start making money to pay rent and buy food I need to get there very fast.

What was I to do?

Please let’s not forget we are still talking about turning point of my life short story.

Using the leading keywords research tools Ahrefs, I began doing research again to find easy keywords I can easily rank for in search engine result pages.

After compiling over 500 easy keywords I decided to start another website (blog) in a completely different niche.

I am sure you found this post because I did a very good job of making it rank in SERP.

Why the blog is yet to start making money, I am hopeful and grateful I took this new direction brought to me by The Turning Point.

When you find yourself use to the old ways of life and you are tied down to this routine, it is difficult to see any better way of living outside this.

This can be caused by undue attachment. We are attached to our cars, houses, spouses, jobs, and so on. Even though they offer no new way of happiness or satisfaction to us.

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We simply remain there because as the maxim goes ” the devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t know”.

This is particularly a dangerous one.

But you have to trust life.

When It wants you to embrace change, it will put you between the same devil you know and the deep blue Sea.

Yeah, your mettle will be tested and stretched.

Cycles of Life

circle of change

With the risk of sounding like some Eastern Yogi’s, I like to say life runs in cycles.

We have the 3,6,9, and 12 year cycles, with some minor Cycles in between.

When one cycle is ending the universe will nudge you to prepare for a major turning point in life that if embrace will take you seamlessly into the next one.

In my life I have experienced the end and beginning of  new cycles, but because of attachment to the old ways, most times I let myself suffer unnecessary before recognizing there is major turning Point in my life in the horizon.

I have resisted several change in my life with all my might.

That is why many people suffer, and live an unhappy existence as well as sometimes dying untimely death.

If you are observant you will see that there are times when the world economy will experience boom while at other times bust.

For example there was a global recession around 2008 and when the world exit it the economy blossom for a while, until Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020 and force many economies to experience a downturn.  A case of the 12 year cycles even though there were many minor cycles in between.

I am sure you’ve heard statements like history repeat itself.

These statements are referring to the cycles of life. Even global epidemic runs in cycles according to an article I read somewhere which although I cannot reproduce here.

The focus of this article is recognising and knowing how to take advantage of the major turning point in life and to ensure you don’t become the Victim but the Victor in life.

However, some indicators of in coming change in our personal life are health issues, unhappiness, feeling of suffocation at work or relationship, direct nudges, uneasiness, anger and so on.

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Trusting in God To Help You Accept Change

We can timed the changes coming into our life and embrace them if only we can learn to trust in God or a higher power to help us recognise when a major change is about to come into our life.

Paying attention to the cycles of life will help us prepare for moments of change and help us avoid the wear and tear associated with most major changes like job change, relationship and certain disasters, because we would be ready for them.

I will like to hear your thoughts on this note “turning point of my life short story” in the comments.

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