TIME IS TICKING –How to Create Value in Your Life

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time is ticking, we have to do our best with the time we have on our hands

    time is ticking, we have to do our best with the time we have on our hands                                       

Time is ticking and unfortunately we do not have the power to press pause or play on it with some remote control.

That is the nature of life.

What are you going to do with the time you have in your hands?

Are you going to make good use of it or waste it? It is up to you. 

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We have 24 hours in a given day, and from the time we wake up from bed, the time is ticking and ever moving forward.

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This article is not about the nitty gritty of time Management.

Rather, it is about how to take advantage of the minutes and hours in your day and create value for yourself as well as contributing your quota to making the world a better place.

The basic principle of economics is about the effective use of scarce resources to meet needs and to create a scale of preference on those needs according to their importance.


To be able to put into effective use of time you have to find and identify the important task that is capable of adding value and substance to your life. While also fulfilling your God’s given mission, by doing the work you are called to do.

If you identify the important task you need to undertake, it would be easy to allocate time for their completion.

But if you don’t know what you want, you can’t necessary be intentional about time.

You will just coast through your day aimlessly with no particular intention and plan for your life.

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Find and breakdown the task ahead of you so that you can allocate time for them, by first curating a goal and direction for your life.

Then come up with a small first step to reach them.

The steps are then broken down into smaller everyday task.

From the foregoing you can now see that these steps make it easier for you to plan your time and put it into effective use.

Time wont wait for you and for me, because time is ticking always and our time here on earth is limited.

That’s why we have to master the economics of managing scarce resources to obtain maximum output at any given time.


We often confuse the best things in life to be material possessions and things money can buy.

Things like our cars, houses, clothes and other fashionable apparels.

But these things mean nothing because they cannot guarantee real happiness and add value to life.

On the other hand, freedom, experiences, true wealth, happiness, health, stability, love are what make life worthwhile.

When you come to the end of your life in this incarnation and on your dead bed.

If you look back to the life you lived, is the memory going to be one of happiness and fulfilment or one of regret for the many wasted time.

That’s why If you lived a good life that has impacted the lives of the many people your path crossed with, I am sure that when it is time to journey to the great beyond, you can go in peace and with a smile on your face.

That’s why we have to do our utmost best with the time we have in our hands now, because very soon we would come to the end of our time.

The best way we can use our time is walking in nature

Although, the things that add value to life could be different from one person to the other.

For me I envisioned everyday a life where I can live simply, perhaps in a tiny house and enjoy a self -sustainable living where I can grow my own food.

I want a life where I can work for myself from anywhere in the world with a flexible schedule to do the things that matters to me.

What are the things that matters to me?

Travelling the world, volunteering to teach a spiritual class to neophyte students, writing books, and helping in a course that would benefit someone who needs it.

Unfortunately, many people are stuck in a job where they cannot afford the flexibility of time to live as they wish and to do the things that matters to them.

However, wherever you find yourself put in your best effort, so that when the day is over you can sleep in your bed with the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best.

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Life is never a bed of roses, and its highways are paved with thorns.

It seems we are always running a race against time especially when you are failing and your best effort is not yielding fruit.

In the course of your life you would have many disappointments and failures, but you would also have many successes.

Why did you start the journey?

I am sure it is because you want to live your best life and make your life awesome and extraordinary.

When times are hard and you are tempted to quit, remember why you started the journey to greatness.

Even though time is ticking and continuously moving onward, you can still put time into good use and reverse the failures.

It is not the length of time a man lives that count, but the things he put his time into and the achievement he recorded in his life time.

There is a correlation between time and experience gained.

What do I mean by this? Take the life of Abraham Lincoln. He failed many times in the course of his life.

At those times, to the ordinary observer, it seems he was wasting his time as the clock of his life was ticking away with every failure. 

When he eventually became the President of the United State, we noticed the convergence of the experienced garnered during those years of failings and the performance in office and handling of the Civil War.

If you put your time into good use even if you fail you still a winner.

Failure therefore is an illusion because it gives the appearance of no movement or progress, when actually you are expanding your capacity and honing your skills to better able to handle bigger challenges and with efficiency.

Time spent on a worthy venture such as learning a new  skill, personal and self-development, giving service in your Church, are never wasted.

Even if you may not see any immediate gain, you may draw upon the experiences in the future to take your life or the lives of the people you serve to a better place. 

Take for instance, Thomas Edison, when he was trying to create and perfect the lightbulb. It was reported that he failed 1000 times before he finally got it right.

And when he did, he went ahead to build the first electric power station in New York to power the lightbulbs.

His contributions to the world are unquantifiable because he speeded up the technological revolution of the United States far ahead of its peers.

Stop to imagine what would have happened if Edison had stopped midway of his innovation because of the many failures he had to go through and gone ahead to other lesser outstanding things.

Maybe it would have taken the United State and the world many decades to get to where Edison catapulted them to in a short time.


Yeah, I guess every adult know this, that there is no guarantee that life is going to be easy or will be a bed of roses.

If it is, then the purpose of God sending us to earth, the training school for Souls, would have been defeated.

We are creative and imaginative beings and we have the power to shape and reshape our world the way we want it.

However, you can only do this with intention and how you use your time while you are here.

As always time is ticking away, and to realize your God given potential you must master time and how to use it to your advantage.

To seize your success and fulfill your purpose you need a winning strategy with superb execution of your time.

You do not need to let your dream fade away or pass you by.

You can fulfill your mission if you know what it is and use your time well to achieve it.

Life like I have said before is laced with difficulties to help you build stamina, improved your creativity, and keep you focused on your mission.

And although the creator’s purpose for your life has already been determined.

Purpose belongs to God. It is HIS intention, and plan for your life.

Your destiny is the decisions you make with the proper use of your time and that’s why the battle is to conquer yourself.

The hardest person to encounter is yourself; stop looking at everything else from the outside, look at you that’s where greatness and the solution to every situation we are confronted with lies.

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This sub title is the title of a 1969 song by a group known as the Marmalade.

The song is a bittersweet song that almost invoke a feeling of introspection about the meaning of life.

I adopted it here as a I near the end of this note ‘’Time is Ticking’’ to help you take a deep reflection of your life thus far.

And this includes your successes and failure and plans about the future and its possibilities.

As well as the most important decisions and steps you need to take in the present.

Self-reflection refers to the act of analyzing several parts of your life.

In other words, this also refers to inward reflection or self-introspection.

This can be similar to meditation or contemplation. The purpose is to chart a new direction for your life as you try to de stress and remove the debris in your thinking.

I believe self-reflection can  help you become the best version of yourself and help you cope daily with the pressure of life as you pursue your mission.

There are few ways you can carry out self-reflection, some of them are: meditation, walking in nature, doing breathing exercises, reading a spiritual text, journaling, practicing gratitude, seeking help by talking to a councilor or life coach, physical exercises and eating right.

These are all ways you can explore to do a self-reflection.

In 2007, I failed to secure a visa to the United State in the diversity visa program.

My life was in disarray as I was failing in the University so badly, and was sitting pretty well at the bottom of my class.

I saw the DV program as a way out to start all over again and have a good life in the States.

Yet, this dream was again shattered, not because I wasn’t qualified, but because the visa quota allocated to Nigeria was exhausted before he got to my case number.

This was one of the hardest times of my life as I couldn’t find a ray of hope or the next direction to take.

But like everything in life I weathered the storm.

Since every cloud has a silver lining, I found a reason and opportunities to keep going.

Looking back to the experience now, I am filled with gratitude to God and the Universe.

Since that time, I have started 3 businesses that also failed. Each time, I gained in wisdom and the ability to do and undertake bigger task.

I am now better in handling tougher situations, as well as developing keen hindsight into people.

My discrimination and discretionary prowess are sharper, this has helped me master the use of time and waste less time on things that doesn’t yield results. 

I hope this note has contributed in no small way to how you approach life henceforth.

The core message here is to be intentional on how you use your time in the pursuit and fulfillment of your mission and add value to life.

Be mindful of the fact that obstacles will be thrown in your path, but remember you also possess a reservoir of strength and the ability to surmount troubles.

Guide your attitude and thoughts with the grit of a bulldog, because whether you would succeed or not depends on the attitude you hold in your awareness.

Attitude is everything says Author Keith Harrell, If you have the wrong attitude, even if you use time judiciously you will still fail.

Be aware of your attitude and the thought you hold in your head as you make every minute counts.

If you succeed in living your best life, and add value to life, let’s meet at the top.


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