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I find these SZA QUOTES very interesting so I am sharing it here. SZA is an American singer and songwriter whose real name is Donna Imani Rowe. These quotes contain important nuggets of wisdom to help you reach success. They are also entertaining like her music and life.


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Grab a comfortable chair and maybe a drink as you ride with me in this voyage for the quest of wisdom and entertainment as well.

I learned everything the hard way- like literally everything. I know that God does that to people that he has lessons for. I just wish that I had learned less extreme lessons – SZA QUOTES

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I want to excel at something to follow through, to not be afraid– SZA

It’s so hard to focus on things for a long time that I am not incredibly passionate about – SZA

In one way I want to heal people – SZA QUOTES

I don’t have any control over what actually happens except for that I have full control over my will for myself, my intention and why I am there. That’s all that matters – SZA

It starts by trusting yourself, even if people are telling you you are too young to trust yourself – SZA

I don’t want to speak negativity into existence – SZA QUOTES

I make bad decisions frequently. They’re fun – SZA

I think we all do: I think we wonder if we’re doing the right thing, if we even want to be here. At least, I do all the time – SZA

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I definitely get inspiration from the gram. I mean Instagram is Google, essentially. I love looking at pictures of beautiful women – SZA

I think music is honest and will make you do honest things – SZA

I live in my imagination, so sometimes movies help me get lost. I feel like I’m in it – SZA

AS long you are being honest and there’s intention in what you are doing, then I think that energy permeates your field and becomes like a homing signal for other people with energies – SZA

All the while I will await my armoured fate with a smile – SZA

Why is it so hard to accept the party is over? – SZA

Flying high and fearless baby, I have kissed death a thousand times before – SZA

Keep your intentions pure don’t be scared, don’t mince words – SZA QUOTES

Forgive as much as you hate – SZA

Take me to reality and drag me to the truth – SZA

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Eternally repeating the cycle of death and rebirth, an existence such as this… Truly, mine is what may be called a perfect existence – SZA

I worry so much. Like, ‘ damn, how can I be excellent?’ but it’s a journey – SZA

Music is my form of cleansing and introspection, so I have to grow in other to accomplish it– SZA

Everyday I pray to see myself the way God and others see me – SZA

Your energy told me what your mouth couldn’t – SZA

I have an abundant amount of love in my life, and I’m grateful – SZA

I don’t think I’m inherently feminist. I think the universe wants me to be feminist, and I think I resonate with that. I think it just choose me to be this female energy… thing. And I’m very drawn to female energy, but I don’t really have any prerequisite in feminism. I just roll with it – SZA QUOTES

I feel like when you say activist you have to have so much clarity, and I don’t always necessarily have so much clarity on how I want to help others. I just have this weird, deep urge to help other people. I’m trying to let God guide my body and use it as whatever kind of vehicle or vessel it needs to be – SZA

We’re changing little girls lives across the world, and we didn’t even know what we were doing when we started – SZA

I’m very into details, so I watch movies just for the details – SZA

When I just decided to be myself that’s when you get questions like ‘how do you feel about feminism? And I have no ideas this is just when I decide what I’m not tolerating and what I genuinely think a little bit in between – SZA

I love empowering women. I think it’s crazy; If you ever try to belittle women, you’re playing yourself– I ride with whosoever rides with me – SZA QUOTES

I love food, so having a lot of food allergies now and just having a really sensitive body, it forces me to be very mindful and conscious and eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m bored, and just really slow down. Everything in moderation – SZA

Control is not real, and I’m really understanding that everyday. It’s about the acceptance of relinguishing control that makes it powerful for you – SZA

In the real world, I kind of like, thrived a little bit. The things that were awkward about me at school, like being hyper passionate… I realized ‘oh I’m my own person, and I have my own idiosyncrasies and nuances that I don’t mind– SZA

Pain plus love and time=power– SZA

I don’t have a primary doctor, a primary hairstylist, a primary anything,I don’t even have a primary address! Everything is just when I can find one– SZA

In a way I want to heal people– SZA

You like the 9 to 5, I’m the weekend– SZA

It made me feel good for temporary love, you were a temporary lover – SZA

Need you for the old me, need you for my sanity, need you to remind me where I come from– SZA

Living as a unicorn gets so lonely– SZA QUOTES

I’d rather die than be your slave– SZA

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