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Silence is a perfect expression of a mature person

Yes, I believe silence is the most perfect expression of maturity in a person. We live in a world where everyone wants to be heard. We want to proof to the next person that we are wiser and have superior knowledge and opinion.

As advertisers and marketers inundate us with their products and services, the noise levels are unprecedented. Radio and television stations bombard us with negative news as cars hoot their horns indiscriminately. Religious houses are not left out in this imbroglio as they contributed to the pollution in the environment which is already saturated with noise pollution. 

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The essence of tranquility in humans have completely been eroded, and the resultant effect being the increase in mental ill health, and the lose in the divinity of the creator in us.

We have to trace our steps back to regain this tranquility and discover our divine nature. 

Silence is the starting point of this self-discovery. Apart from helping us regain this viewpoint as Children of God, its benefits are huge.

That’s why it is said that if speech is silver silence is golden. I am going to look at the importance of embracing the dignified act of silence as a virtue and the benefits to those who are matured enough to avail themselves with this quality.

Silence can be categorized into non- reactive and reactive silence. In non-reactive silence, you are deliberate and practice the act of silence with an aim in mind. Example is when you meditate, walk in nature, listen to a beautiful piece of music and write beautiful poetry. 

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By engaging in these activities, you hope to regain balance as you connect with the universal power and the spirit of life.

Reactive silence depends on two variables which are time and space.  

Time: This variable describes the ‘when’ part. It is the ability to discern when to be silent and when to be vocal based on common sense and an individual choice.

For example, you may decide to react in the face of provocation or display maturity by not responding.

 Maturity calls for finding the right balance between when to respond and when to be quiet. And finding the right time to communicate when there’s a problem. You need to learn to make the right decision at the right time.

Space: This can be regarded as knowing when to respect the boundaries and privacy of other people.

Being mature afford you the privilege of knowing when to let people be, instead of disturbing them with incessant chattering.

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In the next few paragraphs I am going to take time out to look at the importance of imbibing the quality of silence and the benefits of being a silent person as well as the powers it accords you when practiced in humility.


Why is silence power? Because to be able to find God and connect with him, you need to develop the ability to go within to the temple of the heart. This can be achieved when you can calm yourself and go into meditation and contemplation in total and complete silence.

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Meditation enables you to calm your physical senses and connect with your higher self.

At this point you lose the awareness of the physical environment as you gain awareness of the inner world.

This is the point where you hear the voice of God giving you direction and guidance on how to run your life better.

In this state you can recreate your world and manifest your dreams and desires. It is at the point you will understand that silence is the most perfect expression of spiritual maturity, because it is a sign of maturity and self-control. It is a saintly attribute that can not be achieved by everyone.

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When you practice silence you create peace, peace attracts peace and blessings to every situation.

Talking too much, often produces negative outcome and can lead to hurt and hatred.

Here you can see that the scriptural injunction ‘’be still and know that I am God’’ is a timeless advice for those who wish to find God. 


Silence is an expression of love

Wisdom is often expressed by pause, reflection and marked by few words.

Silence empowers the mind in the process of self discovery with clarity and insight. Purposeful silence can lead to self-awareness. That’s why being silent is powerful.

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When you are silent people see you as a wiseman, because the talkative quality is attributed to fools. Hence, the saying ‘’ it is better to be quiet and thought as wise than to speak and remove all doubt’’. 

When you are perceived to be wise you become powerful. Silence is open to any interpretation while at the same time open to all interpretation. It is a weapon anyone can use to their advantage.


This is a form of revenge because it deprives your aggressor the satisfaction of seeing you suffer.

It sends a clear message that you are not willing to engage them in further conflicts, and it shows you have self-control to remain compose and dignified rather than stooping to their level. 

That’s why the cliché ‘silence is the best answer to a fool’. In the state of silence nobody can discern your motive, that’s what makes you dangerous because no one knows what you are planning or thinking thereby making you incredibly unpredictable.

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In silence you can become a cause rather than an effect. I will tell a personal story to buttress this point. Some years ago, I had a business meet to attend. I dressed up in my best shirt and pair of trousers looking sharp for the meet. Not having a car, I had to walk to the bus station where I would board a bus. I got to the major road which was dotted with large potholes containing muddy and dirty water, as  I try to navigate around the pool of water a mad driver trying to be smart and wanted to beat the long queue of vehicles in traffic, veered of the main lane and to the pedestrian  lane in a bid to overtake the long lines of vehicles. In the process he entered one of the pools of water and splashes dirty muddy water all over me and even started abusing and cussing me. However, instead of reacting to him by cussing back, I remained calm and silent and even started smiling. I was neutral and refuse to be an effect of the driver’s action. I was being a cause at that moment by determining my action and how I choose to act in face of provocation. My silence and attitude ensure I reversed the flow of negative energy that was set in motion. By not reacting I remained a cause to my own experience rather becoming an effect to negative cause started by the driver. If you develop the quality of silence you can use it to your advantage.


 It is use to show empathy to others when they are bereaved. Your calming silence and presence can be comfortable.

It can be a polite gesture when you listen to others, it shows them you are interested in them and they are important. 

Most times when people are bereaved coming to talk the ears off them is inimical to best practice of the right way to empathize with a bereave person when what they need is the gift of a listening ear. 

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This nonverbal form of communication when cultivated show that indeed silence is the most powerful expression of love which everyone needs in their tool box to be successful in life.


You can agree or disagree with other people’s opinions without saying a word.

During an argument or debate keeping silent make you neutral in the discussion without necessarily generating anger or hurt.

By maintaining your silent disposition, you diffuse the tension which otherwise would have led to a fight or a show of superiority and power. 

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I hope I am able to embrace and adopt the weapon of silence in my life. It rarely generates bad blood between folks and promote peace and love when use in the right way. 

As always, I like to hear your views and opinion about this all-important topic silence is the most perfect expression of  spiritual maturity and the benefits of being a silent person.

Leaving your comments will be very appreciated as they help us grow to become our best.

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