Iyanla Vanzant Twitter: Best 50 Tweets and Sayings.

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Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

This interesting article features 50 Iyanla Vanzant Twitter daily tweets. They were carefully selected to help the reader connects with the spirit behind the words.

Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

If you read these Iyanla Vanzant Twitter tweets and meditate on the words, they can help you discover your inner calling, as well as link you to your Higher self.


Iyanla Vanzant is an American motivation speaker and Pastor. She is committed to helping people everywhere live there best lives. She host the Television series “fix my life”

Iyanla Vanzant Twitter, 50 best Tweets to Fix Your Life

Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • There are some things you simply must ponder in your heart. Your heart has the answer that you cannot get from anywhere else.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • Remind yourself of all the ways you can be more loving, more supportive, and more encouraging to yourself.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • Just for today, give praise and thanksgiving for everything to let the universe know you are ready to receive more.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • When you make a commitment to do something good for yourself, it is like dropping a pebble in a pond. It has a rippling effect.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • When you are doing what God wants you to do, the money won’t matter.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • Each day we receive inspiration from the Holy Spirit. These ideas and opportunities are life’s way of moving us along our appointed path.


  • There is one way to know that you are doing exactly what God wants you to do: you will be at peace.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • Just do what you do and do it well. Stop worrying about what other people are doing, or what they will say about what you are doing.


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  • You know that prayer can get you into places you can’t. Prayer changes things.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • We are a human BEING, which means we are endowed with everything we need to master this thing called life.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • In this life, we are bound to earth by the physical body. In Spirit, we are bound to the sky, the moon, the stars, the universe, and the Creator.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • When you are feeling down, celebrate your spirit. Never allow a temporary setback to dampen the celebration of life



Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • If life is going to work on your behalf, you must give yourself permission to grow. If it no longer makes you happy, let go and grow.


  • Letting go doesn’t mean ignoring a situation. Letting go means accepting what is, without fear, resistance, or a struggle for control.


  • Just for today, give praise and thanksgiving for everything to let the universe know you are ready to receive more.


  • Prosperity is a state of mind. When you can love and give all that you have, you are prosperous.


  • Just for today, be a little child. Know the world is safe. Know that you are loved.


  • Take a breath. Allow yourself to be filled with the presence of all that is good and powerful and peaceful and joyful.


  • Fear can make a person see something that is not there, or hear something that is not said


  • God’s mind is your mind. God’s power is your power. Knowing and accepting this means learning to let God work through you.


  • Fear is born of a lack of understanding, the need to control, and, more important, the absence of love.


  • Learn to love yourself from the inside out. Use that love as the standard by which you interact with others.

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  • Devotion is the reverent, personal act of surrendering your will to Divine will.


  • One of the greatest challenges in creating a peaceful life is taking responsibility for what you do.


  • The Divine only asks us to be willing to do whatever is necessary to move into our own state of Divinity, which means we must develop wisdom, judgment, and courage through willingness.

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  • Fear is the insidious belief that there is something that God cannot do or does not know.


  • What you are being challenged by may be the very thing you’ve been waiting for.


  • In the midst of a difficult situation, don’t shut down, open up! Remain open about being taught what to do next.


  • As a teacher I know the minute I stop learning, I can no longer teach. The minute I think I know it all, I’m done.


  • Be obedient to your mind when it speaks to you. Listen to your thoughts because they are your higher calling.



  • Spend a few moments listening to your thoughts, repeating self-affirming thoughts and weeding out the negative chatter.


  • If you want to experience peace you must begin from a posture of peace. Caution: Be prepared to stay in that posture as long as it takes.


  • If you want peace, be peaceful.


  • The act of meditation is the best way to get plugged in and turned on to the power of the Divine.

  • Are there broken things you have not taken the time to fix? Are there broken things you have not taken the time to get rid of? If the things in your environment are a reflection of what goes on in your mind, ask yourself, “Is my mind well ordered?”


  • By reminding yourself daily that you are a perfect and unique representative of all that God is, you will find that you are equipped to handle anything.


  • Take one step towards doing something you have been thinking about. Celebrate any progress you make.


  • Focus on where you are going rather than being obsessed with where you have been.


  • If an idea is not of your making or liking, you can choose to have a better one.


  • A positive, healthy sense of self-value and worth is the foundation of our happiness and success.


  • You will never accrue the wealth, experience the success, do the things you really want to do as long as you worry about it.


  • If someone has disappointed you, let it go! Ask yourself, what good does it do for me to hold on to this?


  • Negative emotions let us know there is something in our lives that is not being expressed at the highest level.


  • You have the ability to experience anything and everything good that you desire. You deserve to experience good things.


  • Trees, rain forests, minerals, and animals are not the only natural resources worthy of conservation. You are a divinely natural resource.


  • If you appreciate what you do for others, their response should be of little or no consequence to you. It would be nice to be acknowledged, but it is dysfunctional to believe that people are indebted to you for what you do for them.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • No matter what you are experiencing, fear not! You cannot lose because God knows what you need and help is already on the way.



  • It is absolutely necessary to flood your mind with positive thoughts about yourself.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

  • I know there is only one Life, one Power, one Mind, one Spirit of universal intelligence, wisdom, and judgment. I know that this presence moves in my being as the essence of what I am. For this, I am grateful.


  • You cannot experience the fullness of your life when you live to avoid hurt.



  • You are the only one who can do it like you do it. When you put your mind to something, you get it done. So what are you waiting for?


  • Every relationship is about growth and development. We come together to share, learn and grow.


Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

When someone entrusts their heart to you they are giving you a piece of their soul. You must handle it with care.

By all means, I hope this Iyanla Vanzant Twitter post have stirred a positive reaction in you to fix anything that’s broken in your life. Take to heart and be committed to change something in your life that’s been holding you back.

I like to hear your views and opinions about this Iyanla Vanzant Twitter quotes.

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