Inspiring Paula White Tweets, Quotes and Sayings

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 paula white tweets are an inspirationin to many
Image Credit: Paula White Twitter Profile

This post is a top selection of the most inspiring Paula White Twitter tweets.

The quotes in this page if taking into heart as a prayer or meditation can bring light into the gray areas of your life. These quotes can also uplift you on days when you are down and in need of motivation to keep going.

Paula White has been changing  lives with her messages around the globe. As a teleevangelist her messages are streamed through satellites to viewers all over the world.

She is an Author with many books in print. Paula White tweets are a blessing to people who were lucky to come across her tweets.

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Below are top outstanding Paula White tweets and sayings on Twitter.


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45 Inspiring Paula White Tweets


  • “Are you really going to spend another day worried about what people think of you instead of what you know about yourself”

  • “The battle you are going through isn’t going to break you- it’s going to make you.


  • “Don’t be afraid to start over! Take what you know now and build better”


  • “Don’t keep going to the same well that always leaves you thirsty…. Time to change your source”


  • “Don’t think too much about things that really aren’t going to matter down the road! Cast and leave your care to God”


  •  “You don’t have to be in order to keep somebody else happy. Keep your joy!”


  • “Don’t worry about how it comes together- God will masterfully orchestrate His plan & promise for you!”


  • “If you wait for everything to be right, then you will wait the rest of your life! Step out in faith and trust God”


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  •  “Stop looking back if you want to move forward”


  •  “When you speak to the mountain in faith according to God’s word- It will move”


  •  Don’t waste any more time and energy trying to get someone to love you and like you! Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.


  • If you could see what was on the side of your hurt and heartache you would start praising God now! He has already release blessing over you 😀”



  • “Things will turn out the way they’re suppose to be not the way you always think they should be! Trust God- He knows how to blow your mind”


  •  “Nothing good comes from comparing yourself to others. You are a unique creation of God never to be duplicated”


  • “One day you thank God for those who walked out & gave up on you! It made a way for what would come to you!”


  •  “Some people can’t share in your happiness because they have none of their own”


  • “When someone really loves you, they value you and don’t violate you”


  •  “God has BIG plans for you.… They are to prosper and give you His intended end”


  • “If you have your own life, you don’t have to live through others”


  • “Don’t be afraid to step out and walk on water- it’s better than sitting in the boat”


  • “Today you can change your entire life! Completely surrender everything to God & watch what he will do”


  • “Stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen! Be a proactive producer of your destiny”


  •  “Angels are waiting for you to assign them to work on your behalf”


  • “If the size of the vision isn’t intimidating to you, it’s probably insulting God”


  • “If a person was quiet in your ‘success’- ignore them in your ‘failure’.  There voice doesn’t count”


  • “No matter who dropped you, God will pick you up and set you in a better place!”


  • “You might not be where you want to be but thank God you are where you use to be”


  • “Choose the life you most desire and by His grace and favor God will get you there!”


  • “Don’t remain prisoner to the person who brought you pain- Forgiveness frees you!”



  • “Love will find you if you let it”


  •  “You are here on purpose, you are not an accident or mistake”


  •  “Your brokenness will bring forth your greatest blessings if you allow it to”


  • “God will send the right person who is tailor fit for you into your life at the right time”


  •  “While you are waiting God is working! Be patient and know your promise is on its way”


  • “Everyday is not perfect, but it’s still part of the process! Embrace it all & trust God”


  • “Stop trying to figure everything out and trust God with the details of your destiny”


  • “Sometimes you feel like giving up in the middle of the battle- but if you could see the victory that is coming your way!”


  • “Everyday God has new mercies for you….. Stop living in the shame of yesterday”


  • “Failure is part of your success story. Don’t be afraid to step out and go for it”


  • “Trying to be anything but your authentic self is exhausting. BE YOU”


  • “If no one is ‘clapping’ for you- clap for your self! Believe in the God in you to do all things”

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  • “Wake up each morning with a fresh perspective that ‘this could be THE DAY!”



  • “To seize your success you need a winning strategy with superb execution! Don’t let your dream die or pass you by! Go for ALL that God has for you!”

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  • “You can’t change your past- but you change your future”


  • “God’s purpose for your life has already been determined. Purpose belongs to God, it’s His intention, it’s His plan for your life. Your destiny is the decisions you make…. Everyday, the battle in your life is to fulfill purpose”


  • “Many people are looking for their “supreme reason for being”, asking, Without vision you cannot see. Purpose comes out a vision. Your spirit has an internal picture that is stronger than anything on the outside…


  • You are far more powerful than you have ever imagined. You are a child of God- and your God who created you is a BIG God!! Amen

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  • “Sometimes the hardest person to face is yourself! Stop looking at everything else and look at you”


  • “Refuse to live backwards! See everyday as a new chapter in your life”


  • “Life is too short not to live it to the fullest!! Spend time with those you love, take care of yourself & serve God well!”

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