How to Surpass Your Limits

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How to surpass your limits

Do you know how to surpass your limits? Why is it important to know them? These questions are very necessary to enable you break the glass ceiling and move pass those limits.

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Sometimes we rest on our laurels and become too comfortable with our regular life, that we fail to see how the normal routine have put us in a box. And we do not even realize that we are in a box and we need to climb out and rise over these limits.

Sometimes to break through your limits you need to embrace change.

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The universe naturally interwine certain signposts into daily living and which serve as indications of the limits that needs to be changed in our lives.

These signposts intimate us when we have come to a crossroad and when the old way is no longer useful and we need to do something to have a breath of
fresh air.

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  1. BOREDOM: This signpost may be an indication that you have reached your limit in a particular area of life and change is inevitable. Boredom and uneasiness help you know your limits and until you do something to break out of this cycle and fix the issue causing the boredom life will continue to be drab and meaningless. Boredom tells you you need to use your God given potentials to it fullest and explore new levels of awareness.
  1. A FEELING OF BEING STUCK IN THE GRIND: I get this feeling all the time especially when I need to change something in my life. This could be a job, certain habits that no longer served me, need to change an apartment or move cities. This feeling is a choking feeling. This can be liken to a drowning man who needs a graps of air to stay alive. This signpost indicates that the old ways no longer work for you and you need to discover a new direction to take your life. This direction could be finding a new purpose, discovering a new passion or simply rededicating yourself to your mission. When you know your limits how to surpass your limits is easier, and smashing the glass ceiling and climbing out of the self created prison will be the most appropriate way to travel.
  2.  UNDUE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN: Living in constant fear of the unknown is an inherent sign that something is wrong somewhere in your world. Life is meant to be enjoyed and for us to explore our creativity to build a wonderful life. The best way to overcome fear is to-do the things that cause us fear. Life calls for courage, bravery and action as cowards they say dies many times before their death. Fear may be an indication that you have reached your limits and you need to do something to rise above the level where you are experiencing the emotion of fear.
  3. CONSTANT TIREDNESS: A feeling of tiredness, apart from those that comes from too much work, could be a signpost. This could indicates ill health and loss of interest in living.
    When you don’t have interest doing a task, you lost interest in it. Therefore, a feeling of tiredness sets in. Similarly, when you have reached certain limits in life tiredness becomes a constant. The only way to reinvigorate and reinvent yourself is by discovering and implementing new ideas and new ways of doing things as well as challenge yourself everyday to perform at your utmost capacity.

These signposts are built into daily living to help us recognize when we have reached certain limits and how to push beyond those limits.


Almost everyone hate obstacles and would do everything to avoid them. We want life to be free from troubles and challenges.

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But occasional obstacles placed in our paths is good at least to temper and help us master our problem solving skills, as well as becoming a stepping stone towards greater heights. Obstacles make us stay alert and watchful and help us set our sight on our goals and stay on course in our journey through life.
The wise embraced obstacles and see them as teachers and opportunity to grow.

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When you know your limits, you can invest in the qualities and character traits that will teach you how to surpass your limits by developing a better view, ideas, and habits. As you learn to take control of future opportunity by developing new skillsets in your tool box.

There are lots of opportunities developing in the horizon. But only the prepared would recognize them and take advantage of them. If you allow your limitations control you and you fail to break out of the rot, you certainly would be left behind.

Future opportunity or opportunities in science, business, medicine, genetics, robotics, information technology, and engineering are making inroad and in the near future would change the way we live and do things. Already, 3D printing, Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality (The Metaverse), Robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), are forcing changes in the workplace and our homes.

How is this related to how to surpass your limits? If you are unable to break old pattern and develop new skills, character, habits and adopt paradigm shift professionally, the world will leave you behind.


know your limits

We live in a world where there’s unlimited possibilities. But if you don’t change yourself and outlook, you won’t be able to recognize these possibilities. And when you don’t recognize them you can’t take advantage of them.
Your attitude play an important role in this regard. Your attitude they say determines your altitude. If you are going to have an attitude, why not let it be the winning attitude. A winning attitude allows you see unlimited possibilities and abundance and help you push beyond your limits each time.

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On the flip side an ungrateful or fearful attitude confer on the holder a limited state of view. This is rightly so because you cannot see and accept what is outside your field of awareness.

Also, an optimistic disposition put you in the realm of infinite possibilities. This does not mean you reject reality and live in denial. What it means is that you know you have the power and mental energy to surmount difficulties and create the life you want and making your dream becomes reality.

So an attitude of optimism will show you how to surpass your limits and help you through the bad times and the good times as well.

This is principally why you want to surpass limits and push beyond them, because you would have develop the ability to put everything into proper perspective and ditch what no longer works and causing you pain.

Therefore, an optimistic disposition and a winning attitude will aid you in the journey of reinvention.


The quality of your life is the quality of your relationship. Also, birds of a feather flock together. It’s better to be a loner, without friends than hang out with people who would impact your life negatively. If you spend time with a thief, doubter, and a pessimist, before long you would accept and imbibe these traits. Similarly, if you form close proximity with an optimist and a person of excellence you would be excellent. This is as simple as A B C.

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Indubitably, keep the company of the best people you can find. If you can’t find them, better to be alone and make books written by good authors your companion.


What do you bring to the table? In as much as you want to be in company of excellent people, you must do your best to also contribute positively to the network. You must work harder, give more, be honest and go the extra mile to better the lives of those in your circle. By doing so you don’t become a parasite to others. Always you must contribute and give more than you take.


If you know your limits and have learn how to surpass your limits, naturally you can keep your passion evergreen and stay enthusiastic about your goals and mission. And so you can keep going and remain passionate on the things that are dearest to you.

Passion however will make the most difficult task seems like play and you will come up with different ways to beat challenges each time.

I like to hear your views and opinion about this note “how to surpass your limits” in the comments below. They help us improve.

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