How to run your Life Better using Inner Guidance

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meditation can increase your inner guidance


meditation can increase your inner guidance

“Trust your inner guidance and follow your heart, for your soul has your blueprint and the universe has your back” – Hazel Butterworth

Inner guidance is the ability to discern the inner directions, decisions, instructions and whispers from a Higher power that reaches us as nudges, feelings, and intuitions.

 Those who  learn to tune in to their inner guidance are often spared many disappointment and troubles which the ordinary person would naturally struggle with. 

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However, it takes courage and boldness to follow your inner guidance each time. 

This is because most instructions that reaches us from the inner world may go contrary to the norms of society, the church and our friends and family.

 Where do these inner messages come from? 

Over the years different school of thoughts have tried to deduce where these hunches, intuition and seeming prophetic dreams come from.

 Some schools of thought say the messages emanates from our gut area in the body which are made up of nerves endings. 

The gut comprises of complex nerve cells that have a mind of their own which have the ability to pick signals from the brain. 

The gut uses the emotions and sometimes reaches us through the central nervous system. 

You know things you don’t even know how you know them. Yet you have a sense of certainty when driving down a strange street that you really must make a left turn.

 This particular line of thought is however very unpopular.

 In the world today people are having varied spiritual experiences that have defied the theory that such experiences emanate from any cell or nerves in the human body. 

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The experience and presence of guardian angels, astral projection and many other such phenomena is a source of mystery to those who have not had such experiences.

To the born again Christian when you give your life to Jesus Christ and make him your personal savior you can have access to the still small voice or Holy Ghost within. 

This voice can guide and protect during danger and times of need. This power can also direct you on how to run your life better.

Most Eastern religionists also believe in a higher power, God, Infinite Intelligence, depending on which term appeals to you.. 

This power directs, guard and protect. 

When you surrender to It, it can bring enlightenment which comes when you meditate and contemplate on a daily basis.

 When you are open and in tune with Infinite Intelligence you are better able to decipher the messages and nudges and you become a clear channel to It as well.

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Inner guidance has aided me and many others to get their dream job, find a life partner, enter into the right business, and avert accidents, as you will soon see in my stories below.

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I know this guidance is always there working for me.

 But how often do i remember to tune in to the right frequency to hear and obey it. 

As I write this piece to you, I am aware that the airwave is being bombarded with different radio and television frequencies.

 And although I cannot hear or listen to the various broadcasts because I am not tuned in. 

However, when I opened the radio app on my smartphone, I was able to tune in to the different frequencies present on the airwave. 

So also, this inner guidance is always there for you and me. 

But many times we cannot access it because we are always under the burden of life challenges. 

If you can learn to rise above the grind of daily living and live in the presence of God always. You will find the riches of life in abundance.

I am now going to share some anecdotes. These are two of my personal stories of how I benefitted from the power of inner guidance.


Some years ago, I decided to start a business selling Laboratory chemicals and reagent. 

The business was conceived to be a kind of e-commerce for laboratory reagents where customers can place an order on a website and get it delivered to them. 

Although, I had read pure chemistry in the University, I realized that it wasn’t enough to succeed in the business. 

I needed to learn the business aspect of chemicals and reagent in a brick and mortar shop before I can proceed to sell online. 

When I arrived at the decision to go to a major market which is a hub for laboratory reagent in the region to apprenticed with an experience dealer, I didn’t know anyone who would take me in. 

However, I decided to go anyway. At this point I had to depend on my inner guidance to guide me to the right outcome.

 And so, when I got to this market, I approached three different dealers and was rejected respectively by all three of them for fear that they don’t know me and my mission and cannot accept me into their business premises. 

At this time most cities in Nigeria was experiencing the worst bombings by the Boko Haram terrorist. 

So, people were apprehensive about strangers.

 By now I was barely holding back the frustration that was trying to kick in.

 I checked with my guidance to see if I was on course and assuredly I felt a strong nudge to keep on my search that everything was okay.

 I tuned in completely to it and could hear a voice giving the command to walk in a particular direction which I did. 

At a certain point the voice said turn right, I did as I was open and ready to do anything.

 I kept walking until the voice said stop, look at that bulky man, go and speak with him. 

I walked to a  bulky man of average height, and greeted him. 

 It was as if the man was expecting me, as he agreed to tutor and take me in as an intern.

 He was so caring and asked how I would cope with the cost of transportation coming from a place which is a distance of 75km away.

 However, after 6 months of internship, I started the business which is an e-commerce for laboratory chemical and reagents. 

Second Story

After I graduated from High school I was living alone and searching for a  job as there was no money to get a college education. 

The plan was to get a job and try to save up for college.

 I soon realized that job hunting was not easy especially when I am only a high school certificate holder.

 Things became very tough for me as getting money to feed became worrisome. 

Earlier on a friend who was some years my senior had lived with me when he was posted to my city for the mandatory National Youth Service Corp, a National Scheme for all University graduate in Nigeria. 

After the completion of the National assignment he got a job outside the state where I lived and left to commence work. 

There was this particular day I had exhausted whatever little savings I had, no food in the house and I had not eaten for almost 48hrs. 

Not knowing what to do I turned to prayer and completely surrendered to God. 

As I was praying my intuition came through and I just knew I should stop praying and go out. 

When I got out of the house, I knew which direction to go. 

I kept obeying my intuition without questioning or doubt. 

And as I approached a major intersection from the inner street I was coming from. You won’t believe who I ran into. 

I ran into the Friend that lived with me during the National assignment, on a motorcycle apparently, he was going to my old house.

 Unbeknownst to him I had moved away to a new place. If I had waited a seconds after the nudge came forth, I would have missed him. 

With no mobile telephone at that time, he wouldn’t have been able to get me. 

It was this friend the Universe sent to rescue me. 

He stayed a few days and when he was leaving back to work, he left me with just enough money to see me through that particular period of hardship. 

Again, inner guidance came through for me and helped me survived a hard time.


How did I develop this guidance? Like I said in the previous section. The guidance is always there, you only need to tune into your inner self to avail yourself with this power.

 How do you get to that point where you can recognize the presence of God in your life on a moment to moment basis? 

Although, sometimes I get carried away by the pressures of life such that I can’t hear IT speaking to me. 

But in times when I am calm and really in tune with life, assessing this guidance and recognizing Its instruction is easier.

 The crust of the matter therefore, is to increase your ability to stay in balance and detached from outer troubles.

 You can develop this ability by doing the everyday practices taught in most religions.

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We are now going to look at ways I  developed the ability to listen my inner guidance.

PRAYER: One way to develop your ability to listen to God is through prayer. Prayer is a potent way to communicate to God. The right kind of prayer can open you to the blessings of life so that you can receive from the abundance of the Universe. 

Prayer is a two-way communication where you talk to God and listen to God in return. Praying this way helps you to align with the Will of God. The wiseman therefore is he who align himself with the Will of God and allows IT to guide his path.

MEDITATION: Another way to develop your ability to perceive inner guidance is through meditation. What do you meditate about? Everything. You can meditate about the essence of life, your creator. 

You can meditate about a plant that tickles your fancy. 

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You can meditate about how to improve something in yourself. Generally, the principle of meditation is to strive to make yourself one with God by bypassing the mind and linking or be lifted up to be one with the divine essence. 


When you bypass the mind and attain a state of bliss or enlightenment you can decipher messages from the inner plane and even travel within the inner worlds. 


FASTING: I realized after practicing fasting overtime that it’s a potent means to purge myself of the dross of everyday living. 

Each time I fast, I am able to decipher the messages from the universe.

 And this have saved me from untold suffering, such as avoiding certain places, implementing certain ideas, and calling a particular person when I need help.

There are three types of fasting you can do if you want to try the fasting method.

The first is the dry fast, in this type of fast you go for a 24 hours period without taking any food or water.

The second one is the fruit, water or one meal a day fast. 

Here you can go for 24 hours on fruit or fruit juice. Or you can either eat one meal a day or take water for the whole day.

The third type of fast which I usually do is the mental fast. 

Here, you can eat all day, but the caveat here is that you must put your attention on God, positive quotes or events or on love. 

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The idea is not to permit any negativity into your consciousness for a 24 hour period.

At first when I started using fasting as a way to purify my consciousness from negative influence, It was very difficult for me. But the more I keep up with it the more things get easier.


Although, this post is not about religion or being religious. 


I noticed that when I study holy texts such as  the Christian Bible, the Tipitaka of Buddhism, Bhagavad Gita, and the Torah, and most personal development and Motivational books, they helped me stay open and connect with my higher ideal.


The scriptures and inspirational books can help you live a better life and when you meditate on the words in those text you can have insights on her to build a better relationship with infinite intelligence and run your life better.


SELF DISCIPLINE: In almost everything you do in life, if you want to find a measure of success you need self- discipline.

 Self-discipline is doing what you have agreed to do for self- improvement and growth by denying your self certain pleasures and an easy way out when faced with difficulties.

You need self-discipline to be able to pray and meditate consistently. 

Self -discipline is the balm in which success is anchored on. 

Whether you need to lose weight, abstain from alcohol or smoking, study for a degree, run a successful business, without discipline you will fail. 

 In any case with continuous practice of all of the above, you can cultivate the ability to recognize inner guidance and acquire other virtues like love, creativity, wisdom and discrimination to run your life better.


I like to read your views and opinions about this note. Please, leave them in the comments section.

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