How To Build The Future You Want

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How to build the future you want

How To Build The Future You Want

Let’s take a look at how to build the future you want in this note. Everyone no matter where they are yearns for a better future for themselves and their offspring.

 The future holds an enormous amount of possibilities for us to do and be whatever we can be. 

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To build your future means taking intentional actions and making conscious choices that align with your goals, aspirations, and personal development. It involves defining your vision for success, setting clear objectives, and actively working towards them.

However, my only concern is that world peace and harmony as well as an eco-friendly environment is needed to enjoy a better future. But with the wars, environmental degradation, and intermittent economic upheavals, can we have a world where we can be proud to call home.

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How can we contribute to making the world better so that you can build the future you want?

What then does the future hold for humanity? What is your purpose here on Earth? These are some salient questions every mortal must contemplate on, in their quiet time. Knowing the big picture of the Creator’s plan for humanity makes it easier for you to align your plans to the universal course. To understand what your purpose is in life read what is your life purpose

In this note or article I will examine some key points instrumental to building the future you want. We will look at the following:

  • What is the key to a better future? And
  • What things are needed in the future

Now, let’s look at these and see if we can provide the answer to the seed topic “how to build the future you want”

What Is The Key To A Better Future?

To build a better future you need a good environment

World Peace: This is the first on my list of the keys to build a better future. Without peace your best plans and goals will come to a knot. The question that bugs you and I is how can we have peace in the world, is it possible to enjoy world peace, only time will tell. However, I feel until we have leaders with love, service and humility replacing self serving and egotistical leaders in government, we are in for a bumper ride.

Inner Peace: Inner peace seems to be a prerequisite for world peace. If you don’t have peace in your heart, how can you strive for peace in the world since you cannot give what you don’t have.

To achieve lasting success in life you need to start with a calm mind, because your creative powers blossom when you are free from worries and troubles. If you want to find out how to achieve inner peace in your life read my post. Finally inner peace is possible in your heart.

Have A Personal Mission And Vision Statement For Your Life: If businesses and organizations have a mission and vision statement for their organization, I think we should have one for our lives also.

A mission statement explains the business goals and objectives and how to reach them, while its vision statement gives a clear view of where the business aspires to get to in the future.

A personal mission and vision statement can be used as a guide in our making decisions and how to stay focused to meet our long term goals.

So you see, you need to have one if you want to build a better future. 

Acquire The Right Knowledge: I am sorry to inform you that some knowledge would be obsolete in a few years time. Today, we are in the world of automation, Artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, blockchain and virtual reality. This is where the world is going and unfortunately no single individual can stop it. This technology ensures the future of work will change too. What are you doing today to prepare to take advantage of the changes that are coming. Many people will wake up one day and realize that the world has left them behind. Do what you can now, learn new skills and adapt the right knowledge that will help you build the future you need.

Chatgpt and Google Bard as well as the many AI tools out there will eliminate the need for certain jobs in a few years. The internet of things has enabled the development of smart homes and the home security sector has experienced a phenomenal leap in gadgets and tools to aid personal security without the need of manned guard. 

Build the Right Network: Sometimes the difference between a successful person and a failure is the network of people they keep. If you can find the right group of high network to join, how to build the future you want is almost settled. Why? Because, the right people can propel you to success in different ways such as, inviting you to found a company, starting an investment hub, pushing juicy deals your way, and introducing you to the right people that will get you past the gatekeepers. Building and belonging to this kind of network starts from knowing how to build rapport. My post on what is the fastest way to build rapport can get you started.

Make Your Health A Priority: Health is wealth is an age old adage often repeated by all and sundry.

But it is a wise adage, because a sick person really has no business planning for the future. He would be thinking of how to get well. Better to take good care of yourself and implement all health advice as well as adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Go for a health check at least once a year. This can catch serious health issues such as kidney failure, heart diseases and liver problems before they become life threatening.

Take note, It is only a healthy person that can build a better future.

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Marry The Right Partner: The importance of marrying the right person if you want to build a bright future cannot be over emphasized. This is because if you marry the wrong person there is no way both of you can coexist in harmony under the same roof and build a future together. As partners you need to have almost the same views and opinions about investing, health, food intake, where to live, religious beliefs, and who to cultivate friendship with. If you are not in agreement with the majority of these there is no way you can have peace and harmony at home which is needed for proper planning and execution of those plans.

While the keys to build a bright future are inexhaustive, I hope the few listed above has helped to answer what is the key to a better future?

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What Things Are Needed In The Future

What is needed for the future will depend on humans and how we can, due to our activities, help preserve the environment by bringing out innovative ideas that would enhance the environment. Some of these are listed in the article below:

Embrace Environmental Sustainability: With the growing concern for the environment, sustainability is essential for the future. Embracing renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, and adopting eco-friendly practices are vital for building a sustainable future for generations to come. It rests on us to take this seriously, because what use is it if you work hard and achieve all your goals but your dwelling place is destroyed by flood, forest fire, hurricane and tsunami due to the activities of fellow humans.

Innovation and Technology: Technology will be key to a bright future. Innovation, research, and development in various fields can lead to breakthroughs in healthcare, education, energy, transportation, and more. Advancements in technology can enhance productivity, efficiency, and improve overall quality of life. But the reverse can be devastating. Technology in the wrong hands can be our waterloo. It can be used to create deadly weapons of war like nuclear warheads and deadly gas as weapons of mass destruction. That is why we should tread the part of caution as we enter into an age of greater technological advancement.

Diversity and Inclusion: The future should be inclusive, embracing diversity in all aspects of life. Promoting equality, respect, and embracing diverse perspectives fosters innovation, creativity, and social cohesion. Building a future where everyone has equal opportunities and representation is crucial for a thriving society.

Global Collaboration: In an interconnected world, global collaboration is vital for addressing pressing challenges. Cooperation between nations, organizations, and individuals is necessary to tackle issues such as climate change, poverty, and inequality. Embracing a collaborative mindset can lead to collective solutions and a better future for all.

Education and Skills Development: Education is the foundation for personal growth and societal progress. Quality education equips individuals with the skills, knowledge, and critical thinking abilities necessary for the future job market. Continuous investment in education and skills development ensures that individuals are prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Resilient Infrastructure: Building a resilient future requires robust infrastructure that can withstand and adapt to various challenges, including natural disasters, technological disruptions, and changing social needs. Infrastructure that supports sustainable practices, efficient transportation, reliable communication, and adequate healthcare is essential for a thriving future society.

Unhindered Access to Healthcare: They should be cheap and accessible healthcare for everyone regardless of whether they can afford it or not. Global Healthcare for citizens should be a top priority for the Government. As we make plans for the future, we should also put plans in place to cater for the health risk that would accompany the new technologies and innovations.


Therefore, how do you build the future you want. The task ahead of you is not an easy one as it involves the collaboration of everyone. Since, even if you have all the capabilities to create a brighter life for yourself, to enjoy it you need a peaceful world and an eco-friendly environment. This goes to show that beyond your personal goals, you are also responsible for building a better world. Perhaps, that is why Mother Teresa said if we all sweep in front of our houses, we will have a clean world.

Nevertheless, building the future you want is a deliberate and purposeful journey. By setting goals, nurturing a growth mindset, and embracing change, you can create a bright future aligned with your aspirations.

The key to our future lies within ourselves, driven by your earnest desire to work for world peace, developing inner peace in your heart, having a personal mission and vision statement for your life, acquiring the right knowledge that would prepare you for the future, making the right choice of a partner in marriage, building the right network and above all prioritizing your health.

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Additionally, factors such as embracing environmental sustainability, innovation, diversity, global collaboration, education, accessible healthcare and building resilient infrastructures are crucial elements needed in shaping a successful and thriving future.

So, the way on how to build a bright future has been paved, you can inculcate what is discussed here in your life and start building the future you want.

I like to hear from you. Please give your views and opinions about the topic of how to build the future you want in the comments section. They help us grow and improve.

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