How to Beat Project ultimatum at Work

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Project ultimatum

Project ultimatum

How to beat project ultimatum

One of the test of a successful employee is the ability to beat project ultimatum each time a new task is presented to them by the Managers.

For any company to thrive in the global economy they must hire competent employees who are verse in Time and Project management competencies.

However, as people are different so are their abilities to manage time, handle distractions and cope with job related stressors that may affect their performance at work.

Over all, Companies invest on training and put a lot of resources and time during the hiring process to hire talented and experience personnel to fill in certain roles.

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To be able to beat project ultimatum the employee/employees must work in unison and follow procedures.

Simple Steps to Beat extreme Project Ultimatum

  • Know what the project is and the expertise and experience required to complete it.
  • Map out how you will approach it by making a primary big list, where you write down all the basic steps and time estimates with deadline on each task. Numbering them helps, maybe you can deduce some sort of logical order that would be the most efficient in cases where progress on one task affects the outcome of others.
  • Breakdown all primary task into small steps for each task (as small as possible, even if they seem insignificant). Make sure they fit into the project goals and objectives as well as the given time line for the project. The reason for the smaller steps is that it makes a seemingly gigantic and overwhelming task looks simple when broken down into minute doable steps.
  • Everyday before getting started on the day’s task, make a secondary list, you can call this the daily list where you write down the plan for that day and which small step from the primary list you plan on tackling that day. From time to time as work progress toward meeting the project ultimatum, endeavor to update your primary list with your progress while writing notes to yourself for each task completed as you cross off the steps completed for that day.

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If you follow these steps and adhere strictly to time management skills and techniques, you can keep track of your progress and stay on schedule to beat the deadline.

To achieve the most while working on the project, make absolutely sure to focus your energies in a direct and task oriented manner by overcoming distractions from other irrelevant duties and time wasters like involving in office politics and gossiping.

Always prioritize, if you want to succeed you need to make sound and feasible plans that will allow for unseen delays like ill health.

In this case you must have a plan B, by troubleshooting the issues at hand. It could be you need to seek out a competent colleague who share a similar enthusiasm for the project to stand in for the sick party.

The person must be a person who does not apportion blame when something go wrong, instead will make suggestions that would help to beat the project ultimatum. If the project requires you to put in overtime, you can discuss with your manager to pay for the extra time.

Most managers will accede to this request if they are satisfied with the progress being made.

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