How to be a good employee

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how to be a good employee

how to be a good employee

How to be a good employee- Many organization rewards their good employees and do everything to retain them because they are valuable to the company’s goals, objectives and mission.

How can you be the person that’s indispensable to the organization you work for? To achieve this you have to be deliberate about how you can be a good employee by giving more than you are paid to do.

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To this end you need to give your best efforts at any task assign to you.

We are now going to take a cursory look at 5 steps to become a valuable employee.

How to Be Good Employee

A Good Employee is Creative, has Initiative and Proactive

Good employees are able to work with minimal supervision because they have distinguish themselves in the job and several tasks given to them in the past and have earn the respect of their superiors.

The way to be one is to understand the problems that needed to be solve, find better ways to solve them than anyone else and then do it.

It’s not enough to just do what you’re told or by just following a checklist. In a podcast by Noah Kagan featuring Tim Ferriss. The later was asked the valuable thing his assistant Donna does for him. Responding, Tim Ferris said the most valuable thing Donna does is to not accept his request at face value. Instead of blindly following his instructions, she took time to understand what Tim wants accomplish and find a better solution than his mediocre suggestion. She takes initiative and does a better job than what she was asked to do.

A good employee would use creative thinking and superior initiative to detect the issues and advance a working solution to the problem.

A Good Employee has Job Competencies

They have many competent skills which they bring to the organization to help them meet their goals and objectives. Companies generally look for 5 basic skills during the hiring process.

These are:

Communication skills

Customer service skills

Ability to Learn and evolve

Interpersonal skills and

Team player Skills/ Involvement

Off course in addition to these a good employee needs certain job specific competence or behavioral traits such as assertiveness, analytical thinking skills and a driven work ethic.

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Some of these have been treated in one above.

They Avoids Gossip and Company Politics

The primary concern of a good employee is how to get the job done effectively. A good employee generally avoid gossiping because it’s a big distractions and time wasters.

Gossiping is for lazy workers and small minded people who are always looking for excuses to avoid difficult mental and physical task. Also if you are good at what you do, you don’t need to play company politics to rise to the top. This is because your boss would have seen and know your capabilities and given you the needed compensation befitting your work input because they know you’re valuable and indispensable to the organization.

Some years ago one of such employee who was denied earned compensations for failing to lick booths was poached by a by a rival Company.

Bayo worked with an International Oil Company IOC in Nigeria, despite his competencies and professionalism, he was overlooked each time for promotion and a raise.  And he never for once complained and even bordered to ask for a raise, he just kept smashing records and surpassing set targets not minding the ill treatment.

Unbeknownst to him and his managers, he was under the radar of a rival company. He was approached by the rival company and offered a mouth watering offer which was more than what his bosses are being paid and with the choice to work anywhere in the world.

You see, it pays to be good at what you do, even if you are not rewarded by the system at least you have the personal satisfaction of knowing that you did your best.

The are Committed and always Curious

It’s simple to appear at the job and go through the emotions everyday while you put in the time waiting for retirement. But your goal ought to be giving your best efforts to yourself and your employers.

You should be so good that the company cannot do without your input and creative bent. Be completely committed by investing your time and all you’ve got.

If you do this you would be much connected to your job and be productive and successful. Although it’s hard to stay 100% committed, but it’s worth giving it your best.

Also, they are curious and open to learning and research. They are curious about current and future trends and how it will impact on their job.

A few years ago when the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) started gaining prominence, most employees were oblivious and unconcerned.

The very good ones however, researched these technologies and how it will affect their jobs in the future, some embarked on rigorous studies and made professional career change.

In doing so a whole new world unfolded to them. The lazy ones are still stagnant still playing office politics and gossiping.  Eventually, the world will leave them behind. The ability to adapt to change and innovation is one of the best quality of a good employee.

If you want to be a good employee you must continuously stay committed, and curious as you look out for information to help you perform better at your current job while also preparing for future changes in the workplace.

A Good Employee Show up Early, and is Neat in Appearance

A crowded work space is sometimes indicative of a muddled mind. Most good employee keep their work station cleared up, and tidy every bit and pieces at the close of work.

And also due to their competencies they always beat project ultimatum and have more task completed. They are particular about their attitude and appearance, because they know that an ideal employee exudes professionalism and is able to influence others with his or her work ethics.

A good attitude, performance, and appearance are characteristics of a good employee. They are always punctual, clocks in on time are the last to leave. They do more than they are paid to do.

I hope these 5 steps on will help you achieve the worthwhile goal of contributing your quota to your company’s greatness as well as yours.

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