How are you feeling today

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Happy people feeling happy for having g a great day.

Happy people feeling happy for having g a great day.

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The question how are you feeling today is one that connotes goodwill from the person doing the asking. Although, the question has been so much in use so much that it now sounds like a catch phrase. And the usual answer is fine thank you even when the person doing the answering may be anything but fine at that moment- an answer which we produce unthinkingly like robots.

However, how we feel is an indicator of love, well being, abundance and happiness. A happy person will feel calm and sometimes grateful for whatever is causing him to feel happy. A feeling of well-being similarly indicates good health and abundance for the gifts of life, just as a feeling of love can also show you are in a harmony with life, your relationships and with yourself.

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And unfortunately, a sad person has no business feeling happy, loved or well being.
In the world today many people move about with so much negative energy, angry with their employers, spouses, children and neighbours. This is made worst when they have the victim consciousness making them to feel that it’s them against the world and carrying this aura anywhere they go. Such people are difficult to live and work with, as they never find anything to be grateful for in life.

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They feel the universe owes them and they are always at the forefront of the agitation for some relieve and welfarist schemes to make the society and something outside of themselves better, without first changing something inside of themselves. They may get ahead in life and achieve their dreams, but if you take a close scrutiny of their lives you will see they lack happiness. On the other hand people that truly feel happy about their day and their lives are wonderful people to hang out with. They feel abundance and sometimes this feeling of abundance becomes contagious as they reverberate this love happiness and well-being to the ethers.

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Tips to Feel Happy and Really Be when you are asked how are you feeling today

Learn to be Grateful for the Gifts in your life

Gratitude and ungratefulness can not exist together. Only one of them can occupy a given space, that’s your heart at a given time. Which of them are you going to permits to occupy your heart? What can you be grateful for? I dare say a lot- the gift of life, the gift of a roof over your head, the gift of friendship, the gift of good health and the gift of consciousness, are only a few blessings we should be thankful for. And this are some of the reasons to feel good when someone asked you how are you feeling today. Let the question be a reminder to you that you should always live in a state of thanksgiving.

Be A Magnet of God’s Love

If you want love you must first give love. Remember that many people in the world are in need of love, give love and goodwill as well as charity to the people you meet in the subway, work, and at school. If you give without expecting anything in return the universe will crown your efforts with more love, well being and abundance.

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What are the things you can give, you can give your time in the form of a listening ear, you can give your money to those who needs it, and you can also give your effort like helping somebody do tasks they cannot do on their own like lifting a load from an elderly person, and helping a child cross a busy street. When you do all this you attracts more love and the universe will rewards you. This fulfils the old maxim, likes attract likes, as love and abundance will go out and attract more Love and abundance into your life.

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Learn to Relax and Roll with the Punch.

When the burden of life becomes too hard to bear keep your cool and use the power of relaxation to keep yourself in balance. Don’t use this as an excuse to quit being a channel of love and goodwill. If you roll with the Punch the challenges will soon pass away as they always do. Challenges are a stepping stone to something better and not a stumbling block. Remember that your attitude determines your altitude, so if you put everything in the right perspective you can benefit from the challenges that come into your life as a learning curve. Problems will come but like everything in life there’s always a timeline.

Explore the Power of Prayer and Meditation

There’s power in prayer and meditation since they provide a direct link to God and your higher self. Meditation can help you maintain balance and focus on the task at hand. When you pray and meditate, the solution to the things that plagued you are sometimes only a hair breadth away. Therefore, by all means learn to use prayer and meditation when you are weak and you need the extra push to carry on. You need to always be on top of your game since you cannot give what you don’t have. If you don’t have love, and you don’t feel you live in abundance as well as you lack the feeling of goodwill and well-being, how do you hope to give these qualities to the people you meet on the street, coworkers at your workplace and friends and families that need you to shine a ray of hope when they are down and weak.

This post should be a reminder especially to me to stop and feel the love, goodwill and abundance before I answer the question when the next person I meet on the street ask me how are you feeling today.

Each answer to this question should be a Prayer of Thanksgiving to the universe or God for the many gifts in my life. Remember that if you live for life, and you live for God, God is going to give to you, to give back to the services of life.

I hope this article has helped to increase the critical mass of happiness and awareness in you.

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