God’s Masterpiece Story + How to Make Your Life a Masterpiece

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This blog post will feature God’s masterpiece story and ways to make your life a masterpiece.

Are you looking for the motivation to create a better and beautiful life for yourself? God’s masterpiece story aims to serve as a reminder that you can have a beautiful life and make your life awesome.  Because all the creator created are perfect and so you have what it takes to create art and magic in your life.

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You can readily glean the proofs all around you- the birds, flowers the sky, sea and even humans.  Obviously you have to be amazed at the Creator, because everything HE made are perfect. Albeit, since you are created in His image and likeness, it means you are god in your microcosm within the macrocosm.

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Embedded deep down in the core of your being are infinite qualities like power, wisdom and creativity.

If you complain, fret and collapse in the face of daunting challenges, it’s because you are ignorant of the fact that you have enormous powers to reshape your life.

Therefore, if you know and recognises this, won’t you go out and live your life like a prince and heir to the throne?

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How would you live your life? Will you make your life a masterpiece? Or  would you just sit down here, put in the time and wait for the big bang?

 God’s Masterpiece Story 

I once attended an art exhibition and was awestruck at the dexterity of the artists. The arts on display were beautiful and are masterpieces and the artists were Masters in their own right.

I have also read books by great authors, just as I have listened to many great piece of music by master musicians. Such that when you listen to their music you are catapulted to a high crescendo, so much that you will literally float in the air.

If you stop to imagine life as a piece of art and you have the pencil in your hands to draw the most beautiful piece of art on canvas, what will you create?

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When I was in Junior High School my music teacher a fine gentleman known as Mr Ighorodje took us through the arduous task of reading the biography of music greats. I did not understand his purpose of putting us through the task of studying the lives of Wolfgang Mozart, Ludwig Beethoven, and Joseph Hardyn. It was not until many years later that I took the matter of trying to understand what made their lives and works so special thereby making them legends in the history of classical music.

Mozart was tutored by his father and at age 5 he started playing astonishing piece of music at the Royal Court and in different concerts. As a virtuoso his talent shone like a thousand stars, creating many awesome moments for his listeners and living behind his Mark indelibly in the sands of time, as he also influenced many in the world to go out and live their best lives.

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Beethoven was deaf but his disabilities did not deter him a bit from making his contributions to life thereby earning a place in history. 

But what is the meaning of masterpiece? Since I don’t know I had to consult the Cambridge English dictionary, and this is what it has to say “a work of art such as painting, film and a book that is made with great skills” You see why I talked about Mozart and Bethoven as well as Cristiano Ronaldo in the God’s masterpiece story? Because their lives and works reflected the skills and dexterity in which the creator use in creating the universe and even deposited part of itself in you and me so that we can create wonderful things in our lives.

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Life can be Interesting

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two prodigies who have contributed to the critical mass of happiness in the world today. When you watch them play your brain can’t help but release some bio chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin which helps increase happiness and get us excited.

There are also many prominent leaders whose works and lives speak for them. Lee Kuan Yew the former Prime Minister of Singapore is one of them. He went for a state visit to Hong Kong, while there he visited a tailor to make a piece of clothing. The tailor took is measurement and asked him to come back in few hours when the clothes would have been ready. To Kuan amazement the suit was done by the time he came back and with excellence and perfection. This singular act forced him to have a paradigm shift, as he vowed to replicate this spirit of excellence in Singapore. Lee transformed Singapore from a social cultural dependent nation into a first world developed nation, and ended up establishing excellence in the fabric of Singapore.

Similarly, Muhammad bin Rasheed Al Maktoum made a masterpiece of little known deserted country by implementing his vision and by an effective distribution of resources. Today, Dubai is the cynosure of all eyes and perhaps easily the best place in the world.

How to Make Your Life A Masterpiece

The suggestions given below can help you find a way to make your life special.

Discover and make good use of your Talent:

When you discover your talent and recognises that you have the attributes of God in you, you can do great things. Talents help you concentrate and harness your effort towards self mastery. When you are focus on the gifts deposited in you, you can use it to contribute your own quota to the world like Mozart’s and Beethoven as well as Lee before you.

What you need to achieve this is commitment and doing your best always. The scripture says a man’s talent maketh way for him. It also says seeth a man diligent in his work he will sit before Kings.

Therefore, is it a crime for those who doesn’t seem to have any talent? By all means no. If you do whatever your hands find to do with utmost diligence and passion, you can create a masterpiece at that intersection.

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Be in company of those whose lives are masterpiece.

A popular maxim says “evil communication corrupt good manners”. Also, another cliche says  “bird of a feather flocks together”. This goes to show that you becomes like the people you spend the bulk of your time with. If you spend time with bad and mediocre people certainly you will become bad and mediocre. Similarly, if you spend time with high achievers and People that live excellent lives, you will become an excellent person. So if you want to make your life great sought out people whose lives are great and start courting their friendship and attention.

Constantly ask yourself who are the people I spend my time with and listening to the most? The people you spend the bulk of your time with are likely to have far-reaching effects on your life than you realise. These people  have the power to shape your beliefs, opinions and mindsets as well as your self esteem, your thinking and your decisions. They also have the power to motivate you to do your best or deflate you. The reason is because we take after, behave and do the same things people we spend time with do. If you spend time with a gossip, most likely you will be one. If you spend time with a thief, before long you will be attracted to stealing. Similarly, if you spend time with the person with a positive traits you will take on these traits and start behaving like them.

Just like the saying a man is what he thinks all day, a person becomes the predominant thoughts they hold in their awareness.

A person becomes like the people he spends time with everyday. Furthermore, in any group we belong to we always want to be approved by other members of the group that’s why people take on the predominant characteristics of the group. Always remember you were created in God’s likeness so you must live to reflect this.

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The importance of a good team

If you take a look at the Startup world you’ll find out that many founders learn through the hard way that you cannot do it alone in the journey. You need a team to help you achieve the goal of your startup and also of your life.

That’s why it’s common to find more startup founders and co-founder and chief technical officer working together to make their dreams come true. If you look at Great companies today I know that the founders have partners or friends at the beginning of their entrepreneur journey.

Bill Gates add trusted Ally in Paul Allen, Steve job as a friend and partner in Steve Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg needed his College classmates to help him launch Facebook, such as Eduardo saverin, Dustin moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Andrew Mccollum. WhatsApp Jan Koum had the benefits of his friend Brian Acton, Google’s Larry Page needed the motivation of co-founder Sergi Brian to start the search engine giant. Similarly, Twitter was launched by four co-founders in the persons of Evan Williams, Biz stone, Noah Glass and Jack Dorsey.

These companies were successful because the founders leveraged on the brain capacity of each other and complemented each other’s efforts.

Napoleon Hills the author of think and grow rich said in his book, that “a man’s brain may be compared to an electric battery. It is a well-known fact that a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery. It is also a well-known fact that an individual battery will provide energy in proportion to the capacity of the cell it contains”. Hills went further to state that the brain functions in a similar fashion.

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This account for the fact that some brains are more efficient than others and a group of brains coordinated and connected in a spirit of harmony will provide more energy than a single brain.  Just as a group of batteries connected together provides more energy than a single one.

If you look at the Silicon Valley tech space, you would find an interesting trend. Most of the companies are founded my former colleagues who met each other when they worked together at places like Yahoo, IBM, Oracle, Google and others. The founders why working with each other in their former employment formed a mastermind network to enable them leverage on the brain power, skills, and enthusiasm of each other. They built a great network of former employees and venture capitalists which made them succeed.

Interestingly you also need a good network to succeed in music and sport as well. If you see your personal life as a project, you will also need to follow the same principles of looking for great minds and people that will help you achieve your goals of making your life a masterpiece.

Always Practice Honesty

Honesty is the best policy. If you wish to make your life great certainly you cannot do that through the backdoor and dishonest means. If you try that the system will get even with you and spit you out. A case in point of someone who try to make their life great through a dishonest means is Elizabeth Holmes, entrepreneur and founder of Theranos. Her company quickly rose to the Pinnacle, achieving a valuation of 9 billion dollars. A whistleblower who worked for Theranos leaked the shady deals and lies going on in the company to the Press. This became the end of Theranos as  everything the company stands for  came crashing down like pack of cards.

Today she is worth nothing and has been sentenced to jail. Only time will tell if the court will set her free.

Therefore, if you want to make your life a masterpiece through dishonest means. The music would lasts for a short time, then the system, or if you like the force will spit you out.

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The story of an eagle reared among hens is a God’s masterpiece story 

A farmer went to the bush one day and saw an egg, which apparently was that of an eagle. He brought it home and kept it among the eggs of other hen to be incubated by a mother hen in the farm. The egg soon hatched and obviously it was different from the other chicks. The eagle grew up in the farm among the hens oblivious of her true nature and potentials. It goes about with the others eating crumbs of food and worms in the soil. However, the day of realisation came. One day Walking on the farm with the other hens she saw an eagle just like itself flying high in the sky and enjoying the freedom the sky offers. From that day the farm eagle became discontented and dissatisfied with roaming around the farm; she longed to fly high in the sky. After some weeks of practicing she spread her wings realizing her true nature she flew away up in the sky, finally free from the limitations of the farm. She no longer belong to the hens, she belongs to the Eagles of the world

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