Finally Inner Peace is Possible in Your Heart

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finally inner peace

finally inner peace


Do you know that finally inner peace is achievable especially in these times when world Peace has become a mirage? Negative events such as the wars in Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, kidnapping and terrorism in most part of the world, and the pandemic as well, are being beam into our living rooms. The tendency is for people to become fearful of their safety and well-being, this subsequently robs us of our peace of mind. However, you can find inner peace and live the life you desire despite the upheaval and turmoil bedeviling the world.
Humans are Powerful and have enormous reservoir of inner strength to surmount obstacles and create abundance as well as the right conditions to thrive. We only need to believe in our ability to maintain stillness within, amidst the outer turbulence.
We can actually live like the fishes in the ocean who always maintain their natural rythm, despite the turbulence going on in a rough sea. If you go down below to the bed of the sea what you find is perfect harmony and calm among sea creatures moving in sync with life unconcerned about the turbulence above. Nevertheless, despite the wars, famine, economic recession, global epidemic, and terrorism, we can learn to find inner peace in our hearts and depends on our God given creativity to make a better life for ourselves.
Although, one thing about inner peace is that you have to win the state minutes by minutes and day to day, because you can never get to the point where you hit your chest and say now I have inner peace. It’s a state of flux. And you need to make constant effort to maintain inner peace each time.


To achieve world peace may not be feasible in our time, but you can find peace in your own heart.

What then is inner peace?

According to Wikipedia, inner peace (peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors.
Times of India says inner peace is a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace.
However, with the right knowledge and understanding you can remain strong in the face of discord or stress.
This is the obvious reason why I opined that finally inner peace is attainable because with the right information and knowledge you can develop the skills needed to find inner peace.



We are familiar with the cliche ‘live in the moment’ but never really understands what it means. Thousands of people are experiencing health issues which comes as a result of fear and anxiety for tomorrow. In truth the key to solving many of these challenges is to be present here and now. People who lives satisfying lives have made it a habit to put the bulk of their attention on the joys, peace and serenity of the moment, and they have found out that in doing so, life just happens to be beautiful. A lot of things are happening in the moment that we fail to notice because our attention are either in the past or future. They worried and regreted about a past event and worry over a situation they presume will happen in the future. If you take a look at it critically, now is the only time you have. While not enjoy the bliss and smell the roses now. If you know that your happiness and well-being depends on you, while not embrace the present and live it to the fullest, because finally inner peace may just be your fortress in this world of uncertainty.

Be Grateful for the Many Gifts in your Life

Gratitude they say open the windows of heaven for the blessings of God to come into your life. When you are genuinely thankful you release fear and worries. The heart is not a vacuum and so can only permits either fear or gratitude at a time, if you are grateful fear disappears, and also when you are fearful gratitude takes flight. It up to you to choose which states you want to dwell in. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, and readiness to show appreciation. When you learn to practice gratitude daily your well being and state of peace soars. This is a key quality of thankfulness for the gifts of life, health, consciousness, friends and family, as well as the the gifts of food on our table and roof over our heads.


finally inner peace

There’s power in prayer and meditation, this is because when you pray you are addressing the originator of life, in the process you pass your fears and concerns to a higher power. As you do this the stress and fear you are feeling is replaced by peace of mind and trust in your safety and the abundance of the universe. Prayer also can help you release guilt that comes from the feeling that you have sinned against God. You can read my post, 10 signs of spiritual growth to understand how the love of God works in your life. However, meditation relaxes your mind and body and frees you from stress and the troubles of the day. You can experience bliss, inner peace and the joy of living. Meditating everyday makes you a magnet and distributor of God’s love and happiness in a warring world.

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If something is within your powers to change by all means you should engage your creativity to do it. After you have done all you can to get something done and its still defy your best efforts, that’s where I think you should let go and turn whatever it is to God. There are things we can do to change our conditions and circumstances through hardwork, prayers, perseverance, skillfulness and an awareness of the issue at hand. When they are above our capacity to deal with you let go and surrender to a higher power.
The serenity prayer written by American theologian Reinhold Nieb uhr is apt here.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”


simple living
Sometimes the cause of the pressures we experienced in our lives is due to the fact that we want to belong with the Joneses. We acquire the latest state of the art cars and electronic gadgets. Join clubs whose memnership fee runs into thousands of dollars. We go into debt just to look rich in the eyes of the world. Living above your means is a sure way to live a life of stress and struggle.

On the flip side, people that value their inner peace have found a way to declutter their lives therefore embracing the concept of minimalism. They mostly spend their money buying experiences rather than material things and properties which they really do not need. Simple living means ‘ less and without much’. This may include¬† living as simply as you can, and sometimes growing your own food.¬† Most people lives in tiny houses thus giving rise to the tiny house movement around the world.
To find inner peace live below your means and invest for the raining day.

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 achieve bliss in your heart

Physical exercises has many benefit to the person who indulge in them. Apart from keeping you in shape, it can help the mind better able to handle anxieties and stress. There are several exercises ranging from yoga, aerobics, walking, running, push ups, weight lifting to mention but a few. Doing any of these increases your ability to handle life stressors and restore calm. When you exercise your attention is taken off the problems and the concerns that plagued you and shifted to what you are doing in the time being. These two fold benefits of physical exercises is a way to develop inner peace in yourself.

 peace of mind

From the foregoing you can see that finally inner peace is a goal worth going for. This whole points butress my article if you want to change the world.. it still goes back to you the individual. Change must begin with you and since you really cannot give out what you do not have, you don’t have the moral right to change anything outside of yourself. If you don’t have inner peace, you can’t give peace to the world, and likewise happiness too.

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