Facebook Tweaks News Feed to surface more Articles and fewer Memes resurface stories when friends comment



This article is focus on the Facebook likes and comments tweak and how beneficial it is to the users in keeping with the Facebook mission on enhancing its community.

The company is looking to surface high quality content on news feed as they get clicked by friends either in form of like or comments. The company says ‘’ we noticed that people enjoy seeing articles on Facebook and so we are now paying close attention to what makes for a high-quality content’’. It takes consideration how often articles including videos and photos are clicked on mobile news feed. For example, if your friends post, like, and comment on articles you should start to notice more links to articles on your own news feed. This applies to both the desktop and mobile feed. As you can see above that is why after you clicked on an article, photo, or a video, you would start saying related content popping up below the news feed post. This more or less aims at helping you discover more interesting content posted on the site.

The social media giant explains further that surveys it carried out shows that people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favourite sport teams or shared interest, to the latest meme. That is why the Facebook algorithm is doing a better job distinguishing between a high-quality article on a website versus a meme photo hosted somewhere other than Facebook when people clicked on those stories. This is usually the reason why high-quality content you or others have liked or comment on shows up a bit prominently in your news feed and why meme shows up a bit less. Again, you would notice on news feed that articles resurface occasionally once it has new comments and likes from friends. The reason for this is quite simply because after people read a story, they are unlikely to go back and find that story again to find out what friends are saying about it. In other words, you can expect previous stories to return to your news feed, when it receives a new like or comment.

The company want to encourage conversations between users and their friends on all type of contents. 

This tweak by Facebook is keeping with the mission statement of its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Mission Statemen is: ‘’To give people power, the power to build community and bring the world closer together’’. That reflects that we cannot do this ourselves, but only by empowering people to build communities and bring people together. Our lives are all connected.

This is a quite departure of the company’s former mission statement which is ‘Move fast, break things. As its transition to the Meta era, Facebook is reshaping it public image and repositioning itself as a futuristic company where opportunities and the community are not limited to geography and location.

In closing this note, I will leave you with an excerpt from Mark Zuckerberg in a letter to the Facebook employees.

‘’Live in the future guides us to build the future of distributed work that we want, where opportunity isn’t limited by geography. This means operating as a distributed first company and being the early adopters of the future products we’re building to help people feel present together no matter where they are’’

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