What Are Some Examples Of Spiritual Growth?

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What are some examples of spiritual growth?

a woman meditating, is an example of spiritual growth
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What are some examples of Spiritual growth?

I doubt you would be able to recognize the qualities of spiritual growth in a person. We are going to present the examples of these qualities in a person that’s truly growing spiritually in this blog.

We are going to look at some examples of the qualities a spiritual awaken person should have, such as the ability to balance the five perversions of the mind, freedom from the guilt of sin, knowing and understanding the Will of God, rising above the clutches of materiality, staying clear of miracles and prophecies and many other examples.

What we have today in the society where people flaunt their spiritual prowess on television to their gullible miracle seeking followers are mistaken for spirituality, whereas it is not.


Spirituality is actually different from what is being bandied around. If a truly spiritual person is presented to many people, he won’t be recognized.

This is because the traits of a spiritual giant or one who is growing spiritually is subtle and unrecognizable.

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It’s different from the pragmatism and charisma displayed by many teleevangelist on television.

This blog post “what are some examples of spiritual growth” will take a look at some examples of the kind of qualities expected in a person growing spiritually.

Be aware that these qualities of spiritual growth are not obvious.

However, a person growing spiritually strive to reflect the qualities of God in their lives.

They have humility and inner strength, work for their upkeep and do silent deeds for their fellow man.

I am now going to examine the some examples of the qualities spiritual growth hoping that you can relate with some of them in your life and in the lives of the people you look up to for your spiritual needs.

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What Are Some Examples Of Spiritual Growth?

I want to look at some examples of spiritual growth as it relates to the qualities and traits a spiritual being ought to possess in their lives.

Examples Of Spiritual Growth #1: Ability to balance the 5 perversions of the mind

This is one example of a quality of a person growing spiritually.

The 5 perversions of the mind are the root causes of what you may regard as sin.

They are anger, greed, lust, attachment and ego. The negative things happening in the world today can be traced to these.

Therefore, a person who is growing spiritually have learned or is learning to balance the perversions with the opposite virtues. These virtues are forgiveness, contentment, detachment, discrimination, and humility.

This is one of the most important qualities of spiritual growth in a person who is living the letter of their religion.

They have the ability to forgive. And when faced with lustful desires, they use a high sense of discrimination to overcome.

They become more ethical and refined as well as trusted in their dealings with others.

While no one can rightly claimed they have completely master the perversions of the mind, a person growing spiritually does walk the talk.
They radiate this energy of love in their aura that makes you feel calm in their presence.

And this has nothing to do with having charisma or pragmatism as displayed by most preachers today.

Spiritual Growth Quality Example #2: Freedom from the guilt of sin

A person growing spiritually is free from the burden of sin. This is because he practice freedom and responsibility.

Life is govern by the immutable law of karma, or cause and effect. Which means what you sow you will reap.

If you are well trained and growing spiritually you would endeavor to live the karmaless life.

And when you knowingly or unknowningly created karma, instead of holding the guilt against yourself, you can simply let go and accept full responsibility for your actions or inactions.

As you wait for the effect of your actions to come home to roast on a later date.

As Saint Paul said in the Christian Bible: be not deceived for God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that shall he reap.

This put the full responsibility on your shoulders, since you know that no one is going to take the full weight of the karma away from you.

Hence, you make effort to live a life of service and love devoid of the heavy burden of the fear of sin and eternal damnation.

This surely is one of the signs of a person growing spiritually.

Examples of Spiritual Growth #3: Obey the Will of God

A person growing spiritually understands the will of God and surrenders to it.

They don’t try to bend this will to achieve or serve their selfish purpose.

They depend on God completely for sustainance and direction.

They also strive always to be in tune with IT.

Contrary to false beliefs that when you are spiritual you can command this or that to happen.

A true spiritual man aligns with the forces of life and does IT will. And if there’s need to change anything, it’s done as service to life without anyone knowing what’s being done or what has been done.

Obeying the will of God ensures everything is in their rightful place and they are as they should be.

Spiritual Growth Quality #4: Stay Clear of miracles and prophecies.

A person growing spiritually understands that it is against the spiritual laws to try to control people with miracles and prophecies.

Miracles and prophecies are a way many religious leaders that confuse religion and spirituality use to control their gullible followers.

The goal of spirituality is leading people to find their own path to the heart of God.

All scriptures admonished true seekers to seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing will come naturally.

That’s why when you seek God first and really know him, happiness and wealth gravitate towards you by default.

You become the master of your fate and can make your own miracle when you know how to connect with God.

Also, an evolved spiritual being can act as a channel of God’s love to those in his presence.

And those around him can experience healing  without him placing a hand over their heads.

Naturally you ought not to put your attention on miracles and prophecies, but on God.

On the reverse, displaying miracles is a sign of people who are yet to find God.

Qualities Of A Spiritual Person #5: Happiness is real when shared

It’s a natural inclination of a person growing spiritually to be happy and to share this happiness to all life. This is one of the signs of a person growing spiritually– to be happy and share it with other of God creatures.

Of course discrimination and discretion applies here.

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Happiness is a state of consciousness and independent of outer circumstances and events.

It’s a quality of a person developing spiritually. And when this quality is attained you have to give it back to the original source.

Anyone that comes into your space or circle of influence should leave better than they come.

Happiness is energy and it’s magnetic and contagious.

Examples Of Spiritual Growth #6: Acceptance is the Key to Freedom

Signs of spiritual growth

What does acceptance is the key to freedom means? Or to put it in another way,  what is the meaning of “your state of consciousness is your state of acceptance?”

It is the degree of being aware. Your level of awareness encompasses every level of your life from your waking to your sleep state including your journeys in the inner worlds.

Even as I write this, many people would not be able to comprehend this because they can not accept what is not in their consciousness.

This is why it’s a waste of time to involve in an argument.

You cannot force people to accept what is outside of them.

People perceive and accept what is in their consciousness and no more. Just as you cannot force water out of stone.

In such times it’s better to fold your arms and walk away.

If you have a greater level of awareness your level of acceptance would be wider. This ability comes with a better perspective, wisdom, understanding and compassion. As you grow in awareness and become awaken, your ability to accept the messages reaching from the inner worlds increases and with more practice you can consciously travel in the realm of the unseen universes. With this comes spiritual freedom.

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Examples Of Spiritual Growth #7: Knowing What is true worship

One sign of spiritual development is knowing what true worship means.

Most people think true worship is the singing of emotional hymns and shouting to the roof top.

While I cannot discountenance them since it’s their state of acceptance, I want to say the better alternative is to sit down quietly and listen to God.

When you sit in contemplative state, you try to be quiet and shut down the outer senses and open the inner channels like the spiritual eye to gaze into the inner worlds.

When you are quiet and calm in this state you can hear the voice of God.

This is what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Spiritual Qualities #8: Walking the middle path

Spiritually matured students walk the middle path. They are neutral and neither for nor against anything in life.

This includes having less opinions about issues of the day like politics, wars and marital squabbles between couples.

Science talks about the negative and positive forces and a third force which is the neutral force. This third force is the middle path that balances out the negative and positive.

This is why the person who is growing spiritually is so calm and relaxed.

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He has learned the act of detachment from the circumstances that would bowl out many people.

Most spiritually matured students has mastered the neuter force and know how to align with it.

This is walking the middle path.

Signs Of Spiritual Development #9: Giving more than you take

It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

This is a spiritual principle that can trigger abundance to come rushing into your life.
But what do you give? You can give your time, by listening to a person that needs someone to talk to. You can also volunteer your time to serve where it’s needed. And you can give your money as well.

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Of course like everything in life a spiritually matured person know when to apply discretion and discrimination to every action they undertake. Understanding the principle of giving is one of the benefits of a spiritual matured person.

Spiritual Qualities #10: Freedom from the clutches of materiality

Materiality is one of the trap of the negative force to hold us down in the social consciousness.

A materialistic person is sometimes greedy and proud– two qualities that you need to purge yourself of in the race for spiritual awareness.

But is having material possessions a bad thing? My answer is no.

What  is bad is when you are attached to the possessions that it becomes your god.

You worship your money and put your faith in them and hope that they can save you.

However, we want to get to the point where even if we have so much riches, it won’t define us. As we would be completely detached from our possessions.

Money and material possessions is granted to us for our use in this world to smoothen our path as we gather experiences to one day become masters.

Spiritually developed people use their wealth to further a course and enjoy their stay on planet earth until their mission here is completed.

I like to get your thoughts on the topic “what are some examples of spiritual growth” in the comments below.

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