Discover the Surprising Reasons Why Life is not Easy – And How to Thrive Anyway         

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    Life is not easy but hardship can lead to a beautiful destination         Image Credit: Unsplash                       

Any adult who has spent a substantial amount of time on earth will attest to the fact that life is not easy. 

To survive through life calls for special skills and doggedness. 

However, many preferred to take the easy way out by committing suicide, which is a crime against God and self. 

Yes, it’s true that life is not easy, but this is really for a purpose. The creator laced life with hardships to develop you into a being that is capable of creating solutions to any ills that would confront you in the journey of life.


Let’s liken life to our normal school system. 

When you are born and come of age, you are expected to begin preparatory school or creche, from there to kindergarten, then basic  or primary school. 

When you become a teenager, you are expected to have started high school or secondary school, where you are required to put in a better part of 6 years.  

If you are successful and have good grades in your high school certificate examination, you qualify for a place in the University. 

You have different stages to pass through in the University.

Bachelor, masters and Ph.D. degrees are possible degrees to acquire in the university system.

One theme that runs through from when a child starts creche to when he becomes a BSc certificate holder and even acquire higher degrees is that there’s always a test or examination at each stage.

 If you pass the test you are promoted to the next level, while if you fail you are made to repeat the class. 

And for every exam you pass you become more knowledgeable and proficient in your course of study.

In your own life the exams represent the hardships and obstacles of life. 

Each obstacle you ace makes you stronger, better and skillful in solving problems. 

However, one thing to note here is that so far you are still living on earth, you must keep encountering different shades of problems which may cause you to always go back to explore your tool box to search for new skills and experience to apply to surmount the new obstacles. 

Life is not easy because the creator wants you to be useful to yourself and all life around you.


Perhaps, you may have heard of the story of Milo of Croton in Ancient Greece, who became the strongest man in Greece.

 Milo was a 6th century wrestler who won many athletic competitions. 

How did he get to be the strongest man in Croton? 

As a young man he always carried a calf on his shoulders everywhere he went. As the calf grew Milo strength also grew in proportion to the weight of the growing calf long after the calf became a full bull, he was still carrying it everywhere.

 You can glean a few lessons here from Milo of Croton.

  • Milo was consistent in carrying the calf every day, even when it became a full-blown bull, he was still carrying it. He never skipped a day from this routine of walking around with the calf on his shoulders around the village. Consistency in life is one way to develop the strength and skill to master life challenges and turn stumbling block into stepping stone.
  • Start small and build from there. Milo did not start lifting a bull from the beginning, he started by carrying a calf everyday and from there he develops the strength and stamina as the calf grow to become a bull. If you have a mountain of challenges to overcome start by doing the smaller task first and as you see little progress move from there up to larger task.
  • Never give up-if you don’t give up, you will always find a way to do something and come up with solutions to surmount your greatest obstacle. Albert Einstein said ‘’ it’s not that I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer’’

Obstacles in life make life difficult

  Image Credit: Pixaby


If there were no challenges in life would you have been alive? I doubt so. You would have died from drudgery and boredom. 

Life would have been stale and fun less. And there would have been no way to measure progress. 

God wants to express itself through you, that’s why he created you in his likeness. Which means you have the qualities of God in you. 

Although these qualities are lying dormant in you. 

The creator wants you to exercise these qualities like wisdom, power, love, creativity and imagination. 

The only way to hone these qualities is by applying them to creating a good life for yourself by solving the problems you meet in the journey of life. 

How do you find your purpose and mission in life?

 Imagine waking up each morning with nothing to do and nowhere to go. 

And sometimes sleeping all day because there’s nothing to do. No obstacle to keep you alert, no aim to live for. 

And in fact, no reason to be alive. Would that kind of existence not be a waste?

Life is interesting when there’s an occasional joy of victory after fighting for a course and coming out successful. Occasional challenges in life lead you to discover the reasons why you are created. 

Living a happy life is tied to fulfilling that purpose.

Embrace the hardship, the trying times and the harrowing experiences that come into your life, they will help you find your mission and make you realize yourself as a god in the microcosm in the larger macrocosm.

Therefore, focusing and harnessing your strength would ease your passage through life. 

Take for example the two famous Olympic champions, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, each focus on their strength and where they have comparative advantage in swimming and running respectively. Had Phelps focused on running and Bolt swimming, would they have been successful?

 I am sure both of them would have been a disaster and record the biggest failure in Olympic history.

Life is not easy because in trying to find away to bear the burden of life challenges you can discover your potentials and become one of the greatest in the world.

I like to hear from you. Please leave your feedback in terms of criticism, ideas and opinion in the comments below.

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