Better Days Ahead: 4 Steps to Enjoy a Better Future

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Better days ahead


Better days ahead

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Better days ahead – To have and plan for better days ahead is a worthy goal to pursue.
Whether this is your goal or not. It always give a good feeling to know that your future and that of your loved ones are secured and they have the liberty of freedom and happiness.

But is it possible to have better days ahead? Is it a guarantee in a world that is ravaged by epidemics, wars, natural disasters and economic upheaval? I leave the answers to you to contemplate upon in your quiet time.

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However, there’s hope for better days ahead. This’s because of new technological breakthroughs in health care, agriculture, transportation and investment in businesses. These innovations can almost bridge the gap that would be created by economic downturn and epidemics.
For example when Covid-19 struck in 2020 a lot of jobs were affected and many people lost their source of livelihood. In midst of this crisis, new opportunities were discovered. A lot of people found new ways to earn a decent living, as new millionaires were minted.

People discovered the power of the internet and used it effectively to create wealth. Online businesses such as affiliate marketing, E-commerce, online consulting, fitness and wellness coaching and other digital marketing businesses came to the rescue.

There would always be opportunities in the world and those who would be willing to move with the trend will benefit from these opportunities.

Many people who lost their jobs in the wake of Covid-19 are still crying wolf waiting for the Government stimulus packages when the rest of the world has moved on.

The focus of this note however is on self– the individual, you and me. How can we always live in better days regardless of what happens in the world around us. There’s always going to be strives, famine and natural disasters. These are not going to go away any time soon.

How can we reach the point where our happiness will not be depended on outer circumstances and the constant changes taking place in the world?
How can we create and timed expectedly better days ahead in our hearts and minds.

We want to reach the point in our lives where happiness, peace, freedom, and justice exist in our hearts.

Should the world tremble, and nations and economies collapse, can we looked into our hearts and find calm and peace there, while living in a state of balance amidst the chaos around us?

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There’s an inner desire for happiness in each of us. The quest for happiness is the reason why people wake up in the morning and go to work. It’s the reason why we get married and have children.

However, many people do not know that they are on a quest to find happiness. This quest is the reason they do what they do everyday.

But how do you find real happiness? Is it in our possessions, wives, husbands or children? You can experience superficial happiness in the hands of the man or woman you love, but it won’t last. If it would, why do people keep searching for happiness?

Happiness is like a void in our hearts which needed to be filled always. The only way to find lasting happiness is to find the Divine essence in each of us and link up with it.

If you know God, Infinite Intelligence or the Almighty and have IT in your life, you most certainly would have complete happiness in your life (Note I am not talking about religion here).

You would know your true purpose as you have a realization of self and God here and now.

When you know your place in the scheme of things, naturally you swim in Divine bliss and happiness. This does not mean you will not have problems and challenges in your life. The problems and challenges are what would equip you to reach this enviable heights.

To create better days ahead, the search for God which is actually the quest for happiness should be the topmost priority in your life.

When you realize God in your life that empty void is filled up and you become complete. You can then navigate the twist and turns in the world with boldness and calm.


What are the best things in life? This depends on a lot of factors and individual preferences and perspectives. This is because what is good for A may not for B.

For instance, eating a simple meal under the moonlight may be considered one of life’s blessings to one person. To another person drinking an expensive wine in the club with music blaring from loud speakers is considered the good life. Who then decide what is the best life of the two scenarios?

For me personally, the best things I want to experience or do are things that would promote good health, ability to have quite time in meditation as well as doing exercises that would enhance my overall health and wellness. If I am to enjoy better days ahead, then I want to be healthy, visit other climes and experience other cultures. As well as having a better relationship with the Almighty.

To me these are the best things in life. And I know I am entitled to them as they will enhance my state of happiness.


If your goal is to experience and enjoy good days. You do not need to alter your life significantly to be a superhuman to achieve this.

All you need is to live the regular life you know. Do little things that will improve your ability to give love and serve life. Living your regular life ensures you give a smile and a listening ear to those who needs them.

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You can help lift the burden from the tired and weary by giving your time and money.
Doing a huge favor to another involves doing little act of love and service everyday without expecting a reward.

Another side of living your regular life is doing your best at work or business without taking shortcut to earn your daily pay through dishonest means.

When you do this you can go to bed knowing you have done your best for that day.
The combination of all these effort would set you up to having better days ahead.


How do you excel in life? I guess by putting in the work. You want to excel in life to contribute your own quota to advance the universal course. You also want to excel in life to guarantee a good and better future for yourself and  loved ones.

My note 8 Secrets of success to help you live your best life can help you find success and achieve your aim. You may also want to read my note why you should dare to be different to help you program your mind for success every day.
Build yourself both financially and spiritually as you prepare for a better future. To excel in life you need God’s direction, wisdom, love and compassion in your heart.


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