Always believe in yourself

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Children who believe in themselves

Children who believe in themselves

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To live your best life you have to always believe in yourself. A fearful person, a person that struggles with low self-esteem and confidence cannot live their best life. And in most instance they may also experience a stunted personal development.

This very reason is why you need to guard the window of your mind from negativity and fear.

The very nature of life requires you to have energy and enthusiasm, this is because life favour’s the motivated and those that maintains verve in their undertakings. Fortunately, you must always have self confidence to generate the lift energy to achieve your goals.

Have you watched an aircraft during take off, it must first generate the needed momentum and energy to hit the runway before lifting off the ground.

A faulty aircraft cannot generate the energy for take off. Like a faulty aeroplane, a person who does not believe in himself cannot go anywhere in life.

Self Confidence Is Necessary to Achieve Success in Life.

One person I  admired so much is serial entrepreneur Gabriel Weinberg who founded a search company taking on the search engines giant Google.

Duckduckgo was founded in 2008. Giving the fact that they are still around in 2021 means they are doing something right.

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Duckduckgo is a search company that’s competing with Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google. Over the years it’s growth have trippled. Weinberg has an overwhelming believe in himself that the company will thrive in the search space.

An experienced entrepreneur, he has built and sold several companies. The reason his company is doing so well is because he was able to discover a unique selling point– which the others are too big to explore.

A search done using Duckduckgo shows that no previous search inquiry is retained in it servers.  This has attracted new users who want to keep their information private.

People who always believe in themselves extend this quality to all they do in their lives.

The mind is a very powerful tool. If you guard and feed it with Powerful thoughts form, it can bring healing to your body, lead you to achieve greatness and make you wealthy.

Some years ago the Placebo effect was discovered. Many people got healed from sicknesses and diseases when their minds were tricked to believing that the drugs administered is right for treating their conditions. Unknown to them they were given an inert drug to take.

However, some of them were actually healed even though the drug had no significance to the ailments.

If Placebo can be use to achieve real result when people are given an ordinary sugar pill that looks like a drug, it means having self believe can alter the power of your mind to achieve just about anything you want. Provided you don’t allow self- doubt to permeate and poison your mind.

If you always believe in yourself, the odds of success will be to your favour.

8 Ways to Increase Your Ability to Always Believe in Yourself.

  • Think Positively: If you make it a habit to always think positive thoughts, you can save yourself the burden of carrying the weight of negativity and its attendant effects such as fear, anxiety, disappointment and anger. A positive person is relax, full of optimism, energy and enthusiasm. Another benefits of positive thinking is that it confers on you a quiet mind. A quiet mind is receptive to receiving from the universe and attracts by default the good things of life. The Power of Positive thinking by Norman Vincent Pearl is a good book I had the good fortune to read some years ago. I read and started practicing the principles in the book immediately. Although the hardship of life did not disappear, I developed the right attitude and perspective to life and even attracted protection at one time. The car I was travelling had the misfortune of coming in contact with highway robbers armed with AK-47. They ordered all passengers to lay down in the nearby bush and proceeded to rob everyone except me. 10 minutes into the robbery none of the robbers had come near me. I realized they were not seeing me, It seems I was invincible to them. I suspected my being calm and relaxed as well as the grace of God, shielded me from them.
  •  Have Definiteness of Purpose: A man of purpose usually and always believe in themselves. When you lack definiteness of purpose you don’t know what you want and accept whatever life throws at you. A person with purpose can climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest ocean and survive the thoughest jungle. Purposefulness can give you and expose you to inner strength, courage and self confidence. Example of someone with a purpose is climate change activist Greta Thunberg. Through her campaign about climate change she was able to get world Governments to act.
  •  Use the Power of Visualization: Every great and successful person I know of, have said they once use visualization when they were trying to achieve a particular dream or acquire an habit. Visualization involves using your mind to create a picture of yourself in the desired state. This means making a picture of your fondest goal already achieved. Long before actor Jim Carrey, became popular, he would drive to a park, sit down and visualize every details of his acting career. He would picture himself receiving a check of 1 million dollars and acting in his best role. A few years later all he visualized about happened in his life. You can use visualization to increase self- believe and acquire any thing you want in your life. Always picture yourself having all the attributes of a confident and successful person, sooner or later you will become that person.


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  •  Always Take Action: Successful people always take action on their ideas. You cannot afford not to go out and create that startup, write that bestseller and acquire the new skill. If you want to make magic happen in yourself life you must take action and seize the opportunities around you.  Contrary to the believe that opportunities come but once, opportunity comes again and again. However, a procrastinator would still refuse to take action when he sees a trend developing in the horizon until the opportunity is gone or too late. Elon Musk saw the  opportunities in renewable energy and space travel, he didn’t wait for the lights to turn green before he started SpaceX, Tesla and Solar City. Musk took action immediately to create opportunities for himself with his companies. As I write this, he’s the world richest person. Giving the fact that many countries in the world are making the commitment to transition completely to renewable energy by 2050. Musk companies would grow in leaps and bounds.
  •  Find a Coach/Mentor: A Coach or Mentor can help you to always believe in yourself. A Coach is someone who has travelled the path and has vast experience to help you reach your goals faster than you would if traveling alone. He would save you the wear and tear you would have suffered in the journey. You can find a Coach or Mentor in your Church, profession or community. The person must exudes confidence, discipline and enthusiasm. He must be someone skilled at building character. You can also have virtual Mentors. Look for great authors read their books and imbibe their principles in your life.
  •  Celebrate Your Wins and Learn from your Failures: Celebrating your success and learning from your failures can be a game changer. When you celebrate your wins your confidence level soars. While the lessons from your failures can make you become wiser because you will know the reason why you failed. When you understand the reason why you failed, you are still a winner. Celebrating your successes and learning from your failures is a win win situation for you.
  • Accept Rejection in Good Faith: If you don’t know how to handle rejection, you will always lose confidence in yourself each time you are rejected. Rejection is part of the process of winning, know that it’s not personal. The other party may be having a bad day or other personal issues. If you react to rejections, it’s a waste of your creative energy.
  •  Take Care of your Health: The saying health is wealth is priceless. A sick person has no motivation chasing their dreams. When you are sick your attention would be how to get well. The best way to avoid ill health is to prevent it. Hence the saying prevention is better than cure. To prevent ill health you have to know when to stop and take a rest, eat healthy food and a balance diet. If you live in Africa avoid Mosquito bites. Going for regular medical check-up would also help.

5 Things to Believe in, in Life

In this section I will look at 5 things to believe in which will help you build confidence in yourself.

  •  There’s Abundance in the World: You have to impress this in your consciousness that you are entitled to the bountifulness of the universe. We open ourselves to this abundance when we are grateful for the gifts of God in our lives. Gratitude opens the window of heaven for abundance to come into our lives.
  • The Law of Cause and Effect: This is also know as karma– what you sow you reap. If you sow good you will reap good and if you sow bad you will reap it as well. In your life try and be a shinning light to those who need it. When you do this your ledger will be full of credit, which will come back to you in form of good health, protection and abundance.
  • There’s a Higher Power that Control our Affairs: Call it God, Infinite Intelligence or whatever you like. The fact is that it exist and he holds the universe together.
  • Things Always Pass Away: Nothing stays the same forever. Everything is in a constant motion. If you are experiencing a bad run of events, hang on. It will pass and the next cycle will roll in. Similarly if life is good for you, manage the up time very well because tomorrow may be different.
  • Dream Comes to Reality: Set a worthy goal and pursue it with all your might. If you do your best you can go to sleep when it’s night knowing that you did your best. Providence will do the rest. As humans if we don’t strive towards the fulfillment of some goals or desires. We would soon become irrelevant to the scheme of things. By all means keep setting goals and having dreams. Even if you don’t achieve them, you life would still have a meaning.

I like to hear your thoughts on this note. Please remember to drop them in the comments.





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