A Look at the Task Ahead of you and me

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The task ahead of you is big

The task ahead of you is big


The task ahead of you is enormous. This is not to say it cannot be surmounted. The task ahead of you and me in the new year is just to help us focus on the things we should be doing and achieving each month as seconds rolls into hours and hours into days. This is how 365 days is completed leaving many in awe.

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 I have selected 6 goals which I will like to see as task that I want to focus as we begin the year. These are a list of my 6 task I want to work on for the year. I hope if I work on them with all I have in me, I will become a well-rounded person. This is because they touched on my financial, recreational, social and health goals.

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GENERATE A STEADY INCOME STREAM: This is the first of the task ahead of me. This year I have to find away to increase and generate more income. Any adult knows that to enjoy the good things life has to offer, you need money to afford them. But my focus here is not to make money for money sake but to holistically build a financial base that leads to financial freedom. I often hear that the average multi-millionaire has 7 streams of income. These streams of income well invested can generate passive income which guarantees financial security and freedom. The real task before me now is how to achieve this. There are many paths you can take to make money. You can take the 9-5 route where you decide to get a job, be a good employee, work for 20 years, save money from salary earned and subsequently invest it. Although this path is slow to me because you earn a salary by investing your time. What happens when you fall sick and cannot work, it means you stop earning. This is particularly dangerous. However, many millionaires have successfully created wealth through working the 9-5 jobs.

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Another path you can travel to create wealth is by starting a business or start-up. This path is very difficult in the beginning and the risk of failure is high. The payoff though, is many times better if you can run a successful venture. Most successful founders have had a successful exit and put billions into their pocket. Example is Jan Koum and his co-founder who made billions of dollars when they sold their company WhatsApp to Facebook for a whooping 16 billion dollars.  The task ahead of me to generate several streams of income is not to build the next Facebook or Google but to build a business that would work and put money in my pocket which I Can invest in ETFs, REIT and Bonds that can generate passive income for me in many years to come. The advantage a business has over a 9-5 is that you can sell a service, and a product without being present. Most successful owner only need to put in place successful systems that may help the business run effectively without them being present. You do not have this advantage in a job.

STAY HEALTHY: Have you ever been sick and sidelined? If you have you will know that the greatest wealth is good health. I intend to be deliberate about my health. That is why I must make regular medical checks my priority. The body is a complex system of systems which is made up of different organs such as the kidney, liver, heart, lungs. Regular medical checks can catch a dysfunction or defects in any of these which can lead to kidney failure, stroke, heart attack. Checking your blood pressure can detect hypertension and prevent a stroke when treated. I am determined to start an exercise routine which can keep me fit and stay healthy. Food is also pivotal in all of these, that is why I must work with dietician to find what is right for me. I hope I can force myself to stick with this routine so that I can give myself the benefit of a heathy living.writing a book is one of the task ahead

READ 5 BOOKS MONTHLY AND WRITE A BOOK: This is definitely one goal I am taking seriously this year. I have a lot of books on my reading list, but procrastination and laziness haven’t permitted me to complete a single one of them. This is the year I want to make sure I read 5 books a month. I am aware that the greatest investment anyone can make is to invest on yourself by improving the power of the mind and learning new things through the book you read. Reading 5 books monthly in different genre would amount to reading 60 books in a year. If the reading and books are well selected and focus, by year’s end you would be among the 10% of great minds in the world. After writing two books, I think the time is rife for a third. It has been 7 years since my last one ‘’ YOU CAN BE EXTRAORDINARY, BUT WILL YOU? Now is the time to put pen to paper and bring my next book to life.

VISIT ONE COUNTRY THIS YEAR: This is another task on my list I intend to cancel this year, a visit to a new country. Although, I can get by without travelling, it is nevertheless a goal worth given attention to. Travelling is a passion for me and being on the road is a source of happiness to me and this somehow increase my creative ability. I always make sure I include it among the task ahead of me.

INCREASE MY ABILITY TO NETWORK: This is one area of my life that needs improvement. Being an introvert, it has been difficult for me to go out and make new friends. I am very aware that to make remarkable success in life, I need to polish my people skills as with the street-smart skills. This skill comes handy when you need to interface with the general public to succeed in certain ventures such as politic. I think I need to reached out to old buddies who I have lost contact with and endeavor to make new friends. The saying your network is your net worth may be completely true when you read stories of people who have risen to the pinnacle of their career through the help of their network. The people you meet in life can shape you into becoming the best version of yourself, hence the scriptural injunction which states bad communication corrupt good manners. The reverse is equally true in this case. Every relationship you make can be beneficial in business, health and spiritually. Always make sure you have something to bring to the table and not become a parasite to others.

DEVELOP POSITIVE VIBES ONLY: Is this worthy to be included here among the task ahead of you and for me? I don’t really know. I want to be a positive and optimistic person. I want to generate positive energy and be a person people want to spend time with. If I exudes positive vibes only, does it mean I will not have bad days? No. We live in a world of polarity. Both sides complement each other to make life worth living. Night and day, good and bad, young and old, man and woman, sunshine and rain, are some opposites put in place by the creator to create varieties for life on earth. However, the goal is that no matter what comes up in my life I want to maintain my balance and have the best perspective. Being positive and optimistic can help me achieve this.

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I hope you find this task a worthy goal to give your attention to. Join me let’s give it our best. 

If you read this note up to this point, please you can include yours in the comments below, with your permission I will publish them here as an update to this post ‘’ the task ahead of you’’

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