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peaceful mind peaceful Living

Peaceful mind peaceful life is a worthy state to cultivate and dwell in. 

It’s a state many people crave to have but don’t know how to find. 

A peaceful mind and  life are needed by both the rich and poor. 

How then do you acquire this state? 

Throughout life many have sought for it through the search for money and a good mate. 

But these people soon discovered that having stupendous wealth and a good mate do not wholly guarantee peaceful mind peaceful life, rather it’s a combination of many factors.

 Nothing is cast in stone as life is in a state of constant flux. Everything is ever moving and the things that brings this state today may not guarantee it tomorrow.

 An example in time is the life of Billionaires Bill Gate and Jeff Bezos, who at the start of their career had supportive mates who helped them maintained balance and happiness as they pursue their quest for wealth. 

However, later in life when they had become successful and stupendously rich, they discovered they needed other motivations to have a peaceful mind and life. When the center could no longer hold in the family front divorce became inevitable.

Although there are no guarantees in life, these 60 ideas to have a peaceful mind peaceful life can help you find and maintain this state at every stage of life. 

From the beginning of your career to the pinnacle. You can deploy these ideas to help you find the right fit to stay balance in all ramification.

Peaceful life


  1. Embrace the minimalist lifestyle
  2. Use the power of meditation, prayer and contemplation
  3. Read the Holy scriptures, motivational books and write daily. Harness the power of books.
  4. Physical exercises can bring peaceful mind peaceful life
  5. Cut off the news, because it can distort peaceful mind peaceful life
  6. Be a volunteer and render service to life
  7. Practice self- forgiveness. If you can’t forgive yourself you cannot forgive the next person
  8. Let go of greed, practice contentment
  9. Learn detachment from worldly affairs
  10. Always wear smile on your face
  11. Work for your upkeep, do not depends on the government social welfare scheme or handout from others.
  12. Visit other cultures and learn the ways of life there
  13. Always eat a healthy meal
  14. Think positive thoughts and be optimistic.
  15. Try to avoid gossiping
  16. Have less opinion about things
  17. Walk in nature and enjoy a serene environment.
  18. Take a vow of silence or an intermittent period of silence
  19. Limit the intake of alcohol and smoking
  20. Avoid workplace politics and in fighting
  21. Take regular medical checks as this would catch serious medical issues before they occur.
  22. Cut off people with bad energy and influence.
  23. Know that where your right stops, another person’s own begins.
  24. Do not impose your standard on others.
  25. Avoid making excuses, take action at the right time
  26. Always stay motivated and inspired.
  27. Always exhibit self-confidence and high self-esteem.
  28. Take care of your mental health
  29. Always lead by example
  30. Do not bulk under the weight of challenges, learn to roll with the punch.
  31. Choose the right mate in marriage.
  32. Invest your money for the future in vehicles such as IRA, REIT, 401K, ROTH, and Bonds
  33. Learn important life’s lesson from the experience of others.
  34. Learn to use the power of creative visualization.
  35. Let go what you cannot control
  36. Do not live in the past, always live in the present.
  37. Embrace the way of integrity and honesty if you want peaceful mind peaceful life.
  38. Dare to be different and don’t conform to societal norms that no longer serve you.
  39. Be antifragile and develop a broad perspective about living.
  40. Make the effort to learn new things every day.
  41. Learn to give people love and kindness, they may be going through hard times
  42. Give empathy and a listening ear to the bereaved.
  43. When you fall do not stay down, pick something up and look to the sun.
  44. Avoid ostentatious display of wealth when the universe blesses you.
  45. Listen to a good piece of music always.
  46. Be genuinely happy for the achievement of others, because wanting success for others would bring success to you.
  47. Embrace humility
  48. Plant a seed anywhere you go.
  49. Gratitude and thanksgiving are a very powerful tool. Learn to use them always in any circumstance
  50. Practice a healthy work- life balance
  51. Don’t compare your life with others.
  52. Remember time and tide waits for no man. Time won’t wait for you.
  53. Always take a deep breath when you feel tension.
  54. Eliminate the scarcity mindset, know that the Universe has abundance.
  55. Do not be afraid to ask.
  56. Celebrate your strengths, don’t worry about your weaknesses.
  57. Practice self-discipline it will help you in your journey through life.
  58. Always know the difference between NEEDS and WANT.
  59. Have a consistent sleeping schedule. Remember sleep is a healer.
  60. Dress simple and in the way, you want to be addressed.


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