5 Reasons to Keep Going when Times are Hard

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reasons to keep going

reasons to keep going

I hope you find the reasons to keep going in your darkest hour.

Life seems to be synonymous with troubles, but they are not all bad.

The problems of life make us sturdy and teach us to be worthy champions in the very art of living.


Sometimes to mop up the strength to go through life’s stumbling blocks, you have to find and discover a reason for doing what you do in life.

That is, a purpose why you wake up in the morning and go out to meet life in its own terms.

Some of these purposes could be the ability to provide the best things for your family, it may also be answering a call to serve in your local church or even in the military.

Other purpose could be, providing a health solution to a dreaded ailment or simply adding flavour and happiness to an orphan in Africa or Asia.

Your purpose might be anything.

But it must be something strong enough to engage you and propel you forward in life.

And it must be strong enough to wake you up in the morning to go out and make your dreams happen.

Throughout history we have seen people who have answered such call to service and have set out to find their WHY- the reason for their existence.

When you find yourself in a rut or are being stuck in the grind, life can be drab and boring to go through every day.

At this point you are of the opinion that you are stagnated and nothing is working.

I have found myself in such situation many times and I must say it is not the best of state to be in.

As this could lead to mental health and depression.

Two obviously silent evil that has send many to untimely death.

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You cannot afford to let life run roughshod on you without giving a fight.

It is a profound fact that no one is tested beyond their capacity.

Every situation you face in life is within your capacity to handle.

However, attachment to the problem, doubt and tension are hindrances to our ability to handle problems.

That is why the ability to keep calm in a tough situation is a skill on its own.

You can learn through experiences and learn several survival skills whose application can help you increase your survivability in a world of chaos.

Some of these skills have been treated in my post finally inner peace is possible in your heart.


Most people give up too easily when confronted with obstacles.

If you are that person you need to overhaul yourself and save yourself from the bug that can stop you in your stride this life time.

Develop the zeal to fight and stand up to the 100-foot Gorilla.

Sometimes before you receive what you are asking the universe for, you will be tested by it to prove you are capable of handling whatever it is sending your way.

Be it money, a better job or business opportunities, a new home and even a spouse.

That is why you see many people are destroyed by the gifts they received.

Most lottery winners ended up poorer than they were before they won the lottery. 

However, the focus here is not to give up when challenges and obstacles bedevilled you.

The challenges are they to build you up and to help your creative powers functioning at peak performance.

Many make the mistake of giving up when the gold they sought is just 3 feet away.

Have you ever found yourself in a stubborn situation that tested you beyond your elastic limit, but at the end you persevere and force the circumstance to yield to your superior powers?

Please I like to hear your stories in the comments below or you can send them by mail to trepscript101@gmail.com and I will publish them on this blog.                                                   


Extraordinary people take on their task head on especially the difficult ones.

Ordinary and mediocre people look for excuses not to do the things that are necessary to make their lives extraordinary.

The problem with this is that you remain stuck in a particular position when you always avoid what needed to be done to take your life to the next level.

This is one of the singular reasons why you should stop making excuses and look for ways to tackle the unpleasant but important tasks.

Before embarking on the arduous task of writing this note to you. I kept postponing sitting down to writing this article.

Today I would say tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, I will again say tomorrow.

I know I should be writing and coming up with contents for my blog, but laziness and procrastination is a great hindrance.

After 3 weeks of getting stuck, I stopped making excuses and coming up with reasons to avoiding writing.

I had to force myself to sit down and craft some sentences on a piece of paper.

Howbeit, it was difficult at first since I have not written for a while. But once I overcame the inertia, my creative juice started flowing again.

If you neglect to tackle a small situation due to fear, it would grow bigger and difficult the next time you attempt to do something about it.

Your personal life is about self and spiritual development where you need to make effort to grow above your limitations every day.

This is so because you are always up against your body resistance- the body wants to lie down and sleep, make merry and do nothing.

But to achieve anything significant you must get up and do what need to be done and sometimes it takes time to have a grasp of the problem and come up with the right solutions.

The good thing is that whatever problem you handle, you grow in confidence and your ability and skills to handle bigger challenges increases.

To get to this level you must kill the habits of making excuses and looking for an easy way out.

The feeling of checking things out of your life’s list is an exhilarating one and give a sense of forward movement in life. 


We are going to take a look at the reasons to keep going when you seem not to find a ray of hope in the horizon.

          QUITTER’S DON’T WIN 

If you always quit when you meet tough times, you are not fit to live in this world.

Living in this world as about the survival of soul- the essence of the creator in you.

If you quit and run away from problems, you have let yourself down.

This is the first step to inviting frustration and unhappiness and unworthiness to your life.

The joy of living is wrapped up in the knowingness that you are always working toward something- a better life, and making the world a better place.

The hardship keeps us focus as we look for dream killers and the portholes of life.

This attention to detail helps us remain active. 

Report had it that the New Jersey Turn pike is one of the most beautiful road networks in the world and easily one of the best.

Every day, people perished and meet their waterloo on that road by accidents.

Why is it so when the road is so smooth and free from port holes?

Drivers often go to sleep on the wheel because the road posses no challenges.

When there are no obstacles in life and life is so easy, our survivability factor atrophy and life become drab as there is nothing interesting to live for. 

The very awareness that you are a quitter and loser send your self-esteem crashing down.

What is life if you can’t put your talent into good use.

This makes the cut of my first reason to keep going when nothing is working.

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This definitely is another reason to keep going when times are hard.

Know that you have your family rooting for you. You can not afford to let them down.

The love and support of a spouse and the motivation of giving your kids the best life can offer is enough reason to keep going until you crack the code of success.

Also remember you are the first role model and idol you kids see and know.

Therefore, giving up and coming home to sit on the couch watching television all day might destroy their future.

When nothing in life is working as they sometimes would.

It could be one of many reasons, including finding new ideas and applying them to a new project.

You may need to talk to someone who has travelled the path before to gain a new perspective on how they surmounted the difficulty.

You may also need to pivot and start a new project.

Whatever it is you are not permitted to give up on yourself.

The least you can do is to rest and come back stronger.

Discuss the challenges with your spouse or best friend their opinion and support could spur you on during the hard times and help you come up with smarter ideas


This is the title of a book by legendary Author, Robert Schuller.

This title is appropriate here as one of the reasons to keep going when times are tough.

Rob Schuller himself told about how the principles in the book helped many families and Americans at large bounce back from failure during the great depression in the 1930s.

And although every event and situation in life has a time scale or time line if you like.

They naturally disappear after you learned the lesson it came to teach you.

However, between the problem and you who is going to bulk first and run away?

When fighting a 100-foot Gorilla you don’t give up until the Gorilla is tired.

Develop the perseverance to be the last man standing during difficult times.

This means you are not permitted to run away at every sight of obstacles.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, stand up to your fears and worries they will dissipate leaving you stronger.


When you come into this life in this incarnation you have an agreement with God, Infinite Intelligence, the Force, or the Universe, depending on what you know and accept as the creator of life, to fulfil a certain purpose and mission before your life here is over.

I am sorry to say there is no manual that will tell you what this mission is.

You have to find it, pursue it and work on it even if it takes the last drop of you breathe.

Fortunately, our purpose is interwoven with the normal things we do in our daily lives and on a day to day basis.

This could be being the best employee in your workplace, and being a better father to your children and a good husband to your wife.

Your mission could be travelling to a less fortunate neighbourhood and making life better for the kids living there.

Remember you cannot fulfil your purpose if you always collapse in face of obstacles.

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A Bible verse says ‘’weeping will endure throughout the night but joy comes in the morning’’

When the cycle of a particular difficulty is coming to an end, things usually peaked and the problem becomes the hottest, if you hold on the worst would pass away and calm returns.

This is true with desert storm, hurricane or tornadoes.

After they peaked, calm return in the wake of large-scale destruction.

Always remember this, when the problem is at its highest peak, that is when you should persevere.

This is because a new cycle is on its way to replace the expired situation leaving you a better person. 

Like rough gold which have to go through the furnace of heat to become refined and pure gold.

If you look at many great companies and great men, you would notice the same pattern in their stories.

Abraham Lincoln had to fail many times before he became the President of the United.

Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he succeeded in building the light bulb.

Michael Jordan was looked over by the Coach in his Sophomore year at the University. He went on to be the greatest basketball player in history.

Coca Cola sold only 25 bottles in its first year and was written off. Today it’s the biggest beverage company in the world.

From the foregoing you can see that failure is part of the process of winning.

From Steve Job, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Steve Spielberg, J.K Rowling and to Walt Disney. They all have a bumpy road to success.

I hope these 5 reasons to keep going when nothing is working would hard spice and verve to your life as you go out and do your best to make life worthwhile while we are still here on earth.

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