13 principles you-must-apply to achieve your goals

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How to achieve your goals

How to achieve your goals

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In today’s note I am going to look at different ways to achieve your goals. To achieve your goals you must apply these principles with a conscious and continuous effort.
This post will list 13 of the different ways to do this.



You must first develop a goal or create one in order to bring purpose to your life. No one goes to the Airport who does not have a purpose or a destination to travel to. Having a goal gives purpose to your life and a path to travel to achieving the goal.

Write down Your Goals

Break down the goals into smaller goals by writing it down.

Plan a course of action to take to start pursuing the goal.

For example, say you want to become a Medical Doctor. You can start by writing the main goal. Then write the different steps to follow to travel that path.
It will look something like this.

  • Go to high school
  • Take subject in the sciences
  • Study hard to pass all my exams
  • Make the required grade at the final year of high school to get admitted into medical school.

The next step would be

  • Determine how to finance your education in medical school (student loan or parent/guardian)
  • How to make good grades through out your stay in college. Example: ( Study 5 hours every day morning and evening)

The above is a rough sketch of how you can break your goals into achievable smaller goals.

Do this each time you set new goal. It will make it easier to achieve the smaller steps.


You need self discipline to achieve your goals at any endeavor in life. Self discipline is doing what you said you would do and at the right time. It’s waking up in ungodly hours to work on your dream. It also means working late or working at weekend when you should be watching your favorite program on TV. Generally, it is depriving yourself of some pleasure to work on your dream.

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We live in times where we have so many distractions that can easily sway us away from our dreams. This is where your ability to stay focus and concentrate on the task at hand will help you win.
You need self discipline to remain focus on the work you need to do to get closer to the goal everyday.
We have distractions from the news, like negative news of Covid-19, sports, our smart phones and sometimes even exciting news too.


Your association matters. The people you spend time with will determine if you will achieve your goals or not. If you hang out with someone without a purpose for living, you would soon start living a purposeless live. Similarly if you spend time with an achiever, you would be spur on to want to achieve your dream also. So chose wisely when picking a friend.



A coach or mentor can help you reduce the time it would take to reach your goal. A mentor is experienced and can show you the fastest way to avoid the pitfalls on the journey.
Take for example, if you have Jeff Bezos as your mentor, don’t you think you will be more successful in business or entrepreneurship than someone who does not have the benefit or avail himself to such mentoring? So to increase your chances of success find someone who have travel the path you intend to travel. Their experience, wisdom and guidance will ensure you achieve your goal.

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Keep improving and increasing your knowledge. Read widely, take certifications, attend conferences and always be better than who you were one year ago, a month ago and even yesterday.
Warren Buffet right hand man Charles Munger once said something about the billionaire and business mogul– He said Warren Buffet isn’t content to rest on laurels. He’s continuously dedicated to learning and gaining more knowledge. Continuing, Munger said Buffet is one of the best learning machine on earth. The turtle who outrun the hare are learning machines. If you stop learning in this world the world rushes by you. If Buffet had stopped with what he knew at earlier points, the record would be a pale shadow of what is. Warren Buffet has continually dedicated himself to refining and expanding his understanding of investing.
Keep learning and pushing the frontiers to remain relevant even after you have surpassed your goals.


Humility is a quality that can help you in the journey of life. Pride they say goes before the fall. It entangles you in illusions and give you false impression of life and reality. Pride would make you see the world through a colored glass. And eventually destroys you. Therefore humility and staying humble is the only way to stay successful and keep managing this success for a long time. A humble person considers and entertain different views and shade of opinions and learn from all of them. He has the humility to listen and ask questions to things he doesn’t understand. By so doing he’s always on top of his game.


The reason why many people don’t reach their goals is due to impatient. They want to see reward as soon as possible, when they have not put in the necessary work and build a solid foundation for success to thrive. Because they are too much in a hurry they can’t wait 3, 4, 5 years they shut down the business and move on to something else. Hoping they will reap big this time around. Eventually, such persons ends up achieving nothing in life.


It is not so much what you do, but what you expect in life that matters.
I have seen people who put in their best at a task and still fail to achieve success. The reason is because they are expecting to fail and so they failed. That’s how the mind works. It’s all about your believe system. If you don’t believe in yourself and that you are worthy to achieve success. Even if you put 100% of your effort, you would still fail. Always expect good things to happen. Believe in yourself self and your abilities and you will achieve your dream.


When you have the right attitude you put everything in the right perspective. You see obstacles as stepping stones, and you see the cup as half full instead of half empty. So you rise above the little things that tripped the average man.
That’s why they say your attitude determines your altitude. A person with a wrong attitude can not see opportunities in disguise.


The fear of failure has stopped many from reaching their goals. Fear will distort your mind and kept you frozen in a fixed point. Fear is particularly dangerous and you should never allow it take root in your mind. Develop the needed courage to go out pursue your dream.
A strong purpose can also push you to counteract the fear of failure. That’s why, when setting a goal, set goals that would increase your sense of purpose and big enough to challenge you.

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Unless you are always motivated, you don’t stand a chance to stick with your plans until success is unrivaled for you. There would be torns, obstacles, and disappointments on the journey. To keep going you have to be super motivated.


Practice keeps you in form and help you horn your skills. It makes you master your art and help you perform in peak performance.
Practice they say makes perfect. Which is at least true or close to the truth. Have you seen any Olympic champion who did not practice for a long time to horn their skills? All champion including in swimming, tennis, basketball, and even in the academia put in long hours of work before they succeeded in their endeavors. Although, the media would want you to believe they are products of overnight success. Which do not really exist in reality.

Some school of thought says 10,000 hours which is equal to 5 years of practice is what is required to become the top best at any profession.


Health is wealth. An unhealthy person cannot achieve their goals because they will be thinking of how to get healthy and well.
So, don’t ever play or neglect your health as you work towards achieving your dream.
Eat healthy food, less alcohol and exercise always.


This is the final of the 13 principles you must apply to achieve your goals. When you have done your best and put in your best efforts, leave the rest to God or infinite intelligence to help you reach those goals. God knows what is good for each of us. And he knows the right timing for the goals to come to fruition. You can experiment with leaving your plans, problems, and obstacles to him sometimes. I am sure the result would be astounding.

Take these 13 steps to heart and practice them with utmost diligence before long you will achieve your goals.

I love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this note in the comments.



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