10 Things to Love about Yourself

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things to love about yourself

things to love about yourself

In this note, I am going to talk about the things to love about yourself.

In recent years, there’s been an upsurge in the rate of suicide, self-hate, and low self-esteem in people. Things that are avoidable if they are acutely aware of the limitless powers they have to create the life they want.


Therefore, herein are highlighted 10 things to love about yourself. If you love yourself you will extend this love to others also. This’s because you would see everyone you meet as an extension of yourself- a creation of the Almighty God.

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You will also know that within the core of your being lies enormous powers.

In writing this note, I am not under the illusion that you can find all these qualities in a single individual. Some you may have already, while others can be developed as you strive everyday to be better.

In life anyway we never get to the point where you can say, this is it. I have reached perfection. No, there’s always one more step in the ladder.

There’s always a plus element, always one more rung in the ladder of life. So I am writing this hoping that you can develop in yourself all these qualities of things to love in yourself even if you don’t have them in the moment.

Now without much ado let’s dive right into this 10 things to love about yourself.

  • Ability to Empty your Cup Each day

When you get out of bed every day, you are given the opportunity to do whatever you want with your life during the 24 hours period. You can start it with your cup full or you can empty it to let in new blessings, wisdom, abundance and peace.

An empty cup means yesterday with it’s attendant concerns are gone and tomorrow is a distant miles away. But today you can decide to reshape and create your life to have the experience you want.

There’s an innate desire for growth and advancement in every living being. If you are not striving to reach greater heights. Your life becomes drab, boring and you lost the very essence of the creator in you. This singular factor is the real cause of suicide and depression.

Keeping your cup empty should be an opportunity for learning. If you start your day with a cup full of knowledge, there won’t be any room for new information to come in. Commit yourself to learning new things, keep your mind open for new ideas, new friendship and new opportunities to be better than you were yesterday. Read something that can expand your capacity and broaden your context.

When you empty your cup you let go of yesterday’s anger, hate and disappointment while forgiving those that hurt you and brought you pain.

A prayer by Heartstill Wilson is apt here: ” This is the beginning of a new day day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important because I’m exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in it’s place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss, good not evil, success not failure. In other that I shall not regret the price I paid for it, may I have sufficient wisdom and courage that this shall be my records for today.

This is number one of the things to love about yourself.

  • Build your life around less stuff and more freedom

having less stuffs is something to love about yourself

As the human population begins to awaken to a greater awareness and realization, people are seeing the need to acquiring less stuffs and giving away the excess baggages that no longer served them. Thereby leaving them with less stuff and more freedom to design their lives around certain themes, like happiness, freedom, love, inner peace and buying rich experiences for themselves and families.

When you decide to live a simple life devoid of fanfare, exotic cars, big mansions that attracts huge taxes and electronic gadgets that you hardly make use of. You can use the money saved to buy rich experiences like traveling and exploring other cultures, and using your free time to meditate and connects with your Higher self. Hence, making g happiness your lot.

As the world continues to see harsh changes, like wars, natural disasters such as earthquake and hurricane, those that have less stuffs are able to migrate faster without being tied down to things and their properties.

They quickly adapt to the changes happening around them. Having less stuff and more freedom should be the goal if you want to increase your well-being.

  • Do something nice for another

Volunteering is one of the things to love about yourself

Doing something nice for another person without expecting a reward is something to love about yourself.

When you give your time and money to those who needs them you are rewarded in many ways. Giving opens you up to receive abundance from the universe in form of good health, wealth, inner peace and happiness. Hence, fulfilling the scriptural injunction to always give to the needy. Although, many people are afraid to go out and do something nice for others because they don’t want people to take advantage of them. Others have the phobia of scarcity and lack. That’s why they hardly give. But if you want to flourish in life you have to find a way to give back to life.

  • Taking personal responsibility for your life

It’s human nature to want to deposit the blame for their problems or troubles on the doorsteps of another. They see others as always the cause of whatever goes wrong in their lives.

This thinking of not accepting personal responsibility is particularly dangerous. These set of people sit down brooding and complaining to anyone who cares to listen of how the government, their father, wives, husbands, brothers and friends are responsible for their woes.

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On the other hand people who are advanced in nature always take personal responsibility for their actions and whatever go wrong in their lives. They know that sometime in the past they have created their present reality through their thoughts and actions. This kind of people recovers and bounce back faster from adversities. This quality to take personal responsibility for your life is one of the things to love about yourself.

  • Winners don’t quit

a winner does not quit

This quality is lit. What makes someone a loser? The knack of running away each time they fail or are faced with challenges. If you want to succeed in life, never ever quit when you fail. You can change plans, strategies or course, but don’t ever quit. Write it in your heart and commit it to memory that winners don’t quit.

A teacher once asked his students if they knew Herman Osgood. The students in awe looked at each other because non of them have heard of that name. Nobody knew about Herman Osgood anyway because he quits. Don’t be like him know that winners never quit and quitters never win.

  • Attain Self Harmony

 attaining self harmony

One thing to strive for in your life is the ability to be in harmony with yourself. An harmonious person is always relax and peaceful. He doesn’t allow outer events and circumstances affect his inner peace.

Attaining self harmony is a state you grow into and master. It’s a state of consciousness that’s independent on riches or poverty.

This’s why a person living in a massion can be unhappy, while someone living in a hut can radiate beauty and happiness.

Also people living in war torn countries can be happier than those in wealthy and affluent nations.

I have also seen people who travelled out of their homeland to other countries where they thought the grass is greener, living unhappy lives and turned into strangers even to themselves. Hence the maxim-the grass is greener when you water the ground.

How to Attain Self Harmony

Meditation: This is one of the fastest way to have self harmony. You can use meditation to reprogram your subconscious mind and bring yourself into the desired state where you can dwell in self harmony.

Obeying the Natural Laws: These laws are the laws of attractions, polarity, rhythm, relativity, cause and effect, perpetual transmutation of energy among others. Knowing and living the principles behind these laws can help you attain self harmony.

Read and Contemplating the Scriptures: Reading spiritual text such as the Christian Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Torah, and the Kabala and Contemplating the words can put you in the state of harmony. The Scriptures show you how to go into the temple within.

When you are in tune with God or the Holy Ghost you can come in harmony with yourself and all life.

In this state you can be detached from the problems that caused you to worry, panic and fearful. Letting go and letting God becomes your natural inclination.

Detachment means if what you cherish so much is taken from your life, it won’t kill you, life will still go on. Therefore, you know that everything in your life is just a gift of God to smoothen your path in the journey of life. This gift can be empheral-that’s they are here today and gone tomorrow.

Another benefits of being in harmony with all life around you is that you have the ability to assess your gut feeling or instinct at will. This harmonious state increases your ability to perceive the impressions and messages from your gut.

  • Always Do your Best

Giving and doing your best always is a worthy virtue to imbibe. Real success is the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have done your best to reach your fullest potentials in whatever you have chosen to do.

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If you don’t do your best, you won’t make it. But if you do your best and still don’t make it, you are still a winner.

No matter the circumstances of life, strive to always give your best to task you are assigned. Because doing your best is a quality of God. Expressing this quality is your birth right.

When you are doing your best most times, success may not seem apparent but if you continue to do your best success would come.

Your motto ought to be: I will do my best at everything

The Chinese bamboo tree is a fantastic tree. The Chinese plant the seed for the tree, water it, fertilize it, but the first year nothing happens. The second year they continue to water and fertilizing it, still nothing no noticeable difference. The third year still no noticeable sign of growth. The fourth year they continue to water and fertilize it with no evident results. Then during the fifth year in six weeks the Chinese bamboo tree grows eighty feets, the height of a three storey building.

If during those years of watering and fertilizing the farmer stopped at any of that point. There wouldn’t have been a Chinese bamboo tree.

Hey buddy, doing your best and applying persistence will get you to the desired destination.

  • Be a Contented Person

Part of the reason why there’s suffering in the world is greed. I believe there are enough resources to go round the 7.2 billion people in the world. However, these resources have been so badly mismanaged partly due to greediness of the leaders. The tendency to grab the collective wealth of the nation and convert it to themselves and family members. Meaning there won’t be resources to build roads, schools, bridges, and hospitals because it’s in the bank accounts of a few.

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Contentment is a virtue and the opposite of greed, lacking in the majority of people. The fear of scarcity and lack has turned many into financial gluttons, so much that the awareness of abundance that we are entitled has taken the back seat.

A Contented Person is a grateful person. And gratitude opens the window of abundance to pour into our lives.

Note here that being contented does not mean you can not have goals or have ambition to be wealthy or even to be the President of the United States. A Contented Person knows that the best goals are those that let you give service to life, while a greedy person aspire to be rich so as to take from life and Lord it over his fellow man.

Being a contented person is one of the things to love about yourself.

  • Having Humility- things  to love about yourself

Being a humble person is a worthy ambition to pursue. When I was in high school, I had a teacher who each time he comes to class would pick a chalk and wrote the words ‘pride goes before the fall’ on the chalkboard. After writing this he would make us repeat it aloud multiple times before commencing the day’s lesson. He did this through out the time he taught us until we passed out to the next class.

Years later, I gleaned in awe how pride destroyed the lives of many a brilliant and intelligent persons as well as successful people who allowed success get into their head.

Humility is a balm which if adopted will take you to the Apex of life.

  • A Healthy Sense of Humor

This is the last in my note of things to love about yourself.

I hope you know that life is hard and full of stumbling blocks. At least let’s be realistic about this. I believed you also know that life is full of stepping Stones and the overcoming of challenges. It’s all about perspective- a case of the cup being half full or half empty. No matter which sides of the divide you adopt, is up to you.

Individuals with a healthy sense of humor always see the brighter side of things and they have the ability to laugh at their challenges and subsequently turn them to gold.

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